Working on a reality TV show with some of the people you hate the most means that you’re going to have to cross paths with your enemies at one point. 

Yes, on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 5, Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador and Tamra Barney all realized they had to go to the same event. 

When the episode got underway, the topic of conversation was sex. Lydia and Doug were on vacation and thought it would be a good time to have the talk with one of their sons. 

The kid looked embarrassed, to say the least, and it made for an awkward opening. The mother and father looked like they did not know what to say. 

During her confessional, Lydia revealed that she was a freak in the sheets. 

“Now that we’re married, we have sex a lot, and I like it, and it comes easy,” she revealed. 

Meanwhile, Vicki had sex on her mind. She wanted to know whether her son, Michael and his girlfriend, Dani, were serious, or if it was one of those romances that would fizzle out. 

Vicki seemed worried that their new romance could lead to an unexpected pregnancy and wanted to ensure that there were no surprises. 

She also said something about making them sign a prenup, so it was the standard questions a rich parent asked when their kid wound up in a relationship. 

Elsewhere, Meghan was still adjusting to her life as a mother. Let’s face it; she’s not been on the same wavelength as the other women recently. 

It’s like she’s not even a main housewife, so she likely wants to rectify that before the season is over and she inevitably loses her place on the cast. 

At a lunch date with Tamra and Shannon, the ladies talk about everything getting on their nerves of late, and Vicki was high on Shannon’s list.  

She continued to blame Vicki for the weight gain, but Meghan was not having it and said in her confessional that “Vicki is bad, but not 40-pounds bad.”

Um, alright then. 

Meghan then opened up about her having a party that includes drinking and parading your baby around. 

Kelly Dodd finally decided it was time to put her beef with the women aside, and met up with Tamra for a coffee. 

They quickly put their beef aside and wind up laughing with each other, so is everything finally good between them?

Well, Kelly took to her confessional to say that her plan was to “out-puppet the new puppet master.” Yeah, so she’s using Tamra. 

The final event of this episode found everyone at Peggy unveiling her brand new Lamborghini. The housewives then got talking about the upcoming event at Meghan’s. 

Vicki decided she would be civil and would not get into a fight with anyone. 

Meghan says, “Yes, you would!” 

With that, the episode came to a close, and we have to wait for that big meeting until next week. 


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