Did the ladies finally manage to cut the feuding out and enjoy the rest of their lavish trip to Bermuda?

That was their plan on The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 11 as their trip came to a conclusion. 

When the episode got underway, Robyn was talking to Ashley and Charisse about how her feelings towards Karen. All three women agreed that she needed to take a chill pill and stop making everything about her. 

Charisse decided to take the ladies on a cruise to the high seas. Not everyone was impressed with it because there would be nowhere to run if they started bickering…

… Unless they decided to start throwing one another off the boat. Now that would make for an exciting series. 

Karen was shocked to learn that Gizelle and Monique were getting along swimmingly. If you watch The Real Housewives of Potomac online, you will already know that both women had been feuding for weeks on end. 

It is refreshing to witness some tranquility amongst the ladies, but we’ll take it when we get it. That tranquility did not last very long. 

Charisse decided it would be a good idea to target Karen for leaving some of the ladies out of her trip. Karen offered a lame apology that made the women cringe. 

When the going got tough, most of the women sided with Charisse because they agreed it was not a good idea to have some of them iced out of the trip.

When the ladies start bickering about net worth, Karen felt like it was best to bite the bullet and make everything right. This was the push they needed to make everything right. 

When the ladies returned home, Robyn went to visit her therapist to keep them up to speed on what happened on the trip. She was glad that she had finally taken some steps to move on. 

She even went as far as saying she was ready to divorce Juan. This proved she was ready to go back into the dating pool. 

While that was going down, Ashley was shocked to the core to learn that she had been demoted in the restaurant. This put more strain on her marriage with Michael since he was the one who made the decision. 

When all that drama was out of the way, the ladies formed a united front to attend Charisse’s unveiling of her celebration room. The women quickly realized that Karen no longer lived in the zip code. 

The women then questioned whether Karen was moving because of her financial situation. The women were quick to point out that she was no longer the Grand Dame. 

Karen exploded in a fit of rage at Ashley for gossiping about her, and the episode concluded. Something tells us this feud is going to get crazy. 

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