We think it’s safe to say Tiffany Trump isn’t her father’s favorite daughter.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if he occasionally forgets that she exists …

… especially when Ivanka wears that dress he likes. #WentThere

Nevertheless, Tiffany continues to draw breath, regardless of whether the president is aware of it or not.

And unlike 11-year-old Barron Trump, who’s been hidden away in the penthouse of his father’s eponymous Manhattan monolith, hopefully penning the most damning memoir of all time, Tiff is out in the world, living her life and, we assume, avoiding daily questions about WTF is wrong with her father.

We’re guessing Donnie’s disdain for his youngest daughter has little to do with Tiffany, and much to do with the fact that she’s the sole issue of his shortest and most dysfunctional marriage.

But whether Lord Baby-Hands likes it or not, Tiff still hangs out with her mother, Marla Maples.

The two of them were spotted at a fashion show over the weekend – accompanied by the new man in Tiff’s life.

Sources say the aspiring Trump son-in-law goes by the hilariously made-up-sounding name of Ross Mechanic, which sounds like something from an SNL sketch about Trump voters from rural Kentucky.

Little is known about Mr. Mechanic other than the fact that he’ll probably start getting intelligence briefings sometime next week.

The couple was spotted at a fashion show for Taoray Wang, reportedly Tiffany’s favorite designer.

When Tiffany spoke at the RNC back in August, she wore a dress designed by Wang.

Maybe she’s hoping if she rocks more of the designer’s stuff, she’ll be permitted to speak in public more often?

Whatever the case, Tiff sang Wang’s praises bigly:

“I think Tao’s aesthetic is just unparalleled,” Tiffany told The Hollywood Reporter at the show.

“She puts so much effort into the slightest detail.”

Nice use of “unparalleled.”

Maybe Donnie should take some adjective cues from his youngest daughter.

He’s gotten a lot of mileage out of “phenomenal” and “terrific,” but ya gotta know when to give the people something new, ya know?

Anyway, here’s hoping we see more of Tiff in the future.

Not because she’s given us any reason to believe she’s any more sane than the rest of her family, but because the fact that there’s a Trump who hasn’t yet signed her soul over to Vladimir Putin in his true form (half horse, half shirtless man) gives us hope for the future.

Barron, next time they let you outside, look at the cameras and blink three times in rapid succession if you need to be rescued.

We’re rooting for you, buddy.

Source: celebweddings