Tori Spelling just announced that she’s pregnant with her fifth child with husband Dean McDermott, and boy, what a surprise it was.

Not only because she’s been facing some extreme financial difficulty for some time now, but because she and Dean have faced some difficulty as well.

It was three years ago when the news broke that Dean had had an affair with a 28-year-old woman named Emily Goodhand (apparently that’s an actual name, go figure), and that news kicked off what had to be some of the most difficult months of Tori’s life.

Ms. Goodhand claimed at the time that Dean had told her that he and Tori had a “sexless marriage” and that was why he was looking for sex from someone other than his wife.

And then, as you will surely remember, the couple began filming True Tori, one of the most uncomfortably intimate, most tragic reality shows to ever assault our senses.

It didn’t help that Dean and Tori let their young children be on the show, too.

True Tori showed us fight after fight, issue after issue. Tori was hospitalized at one point, Dean threatened suicide, but still, they stayed together.

And they kept filming that damn show.

But it looks like their marriage persevered, and Tori really wants to drive that point home now that she’s pregnant and people actually kind of give a damn about what she has to say.

“We’re in such a good place going into this pregnancy,” she gushed. “We’re not just still here, but we’re bonded and solidified as a couple.”

Yeah, this is going to get insufferable real quick.

Tori said that when the villainous Emily Goodhand spilled the secrets of Dean’s wandering penis, “everything crashed.” They had to “start over,” she said, “we had to completely rebuild.”

And sorry, friends, but sweet relief won’t come just yet. Tori has more to say.

“We made the conscious decision,” Tori continued, “based on our love for each other to tough it out and work through it. It was one of the worst times in our lives, but it was also one of the best times.”

Really, Tori? Your husband cheating on you with ol’ Goodhand was one of the best moments of your life? Girl.

She presses on though, explaining that “I wouldn’t change anything because if we hadn’t started talking and opened up those lines of communication, maybe we wouldn’t be here today.”

And god forbid, right?

“I feel like people take marriage too lightly in this day and age,” Tori said, presumably talking about her husband, who broke his vows to her. “Sometimes things happen in life and they’re mistakes, but love doesn’t just turn off. That’s not how our hearts work. I want our kids to know one day that we stuck it out and worked through it.”

Hopefully the kids don’t learn about that through True Tori though — she and Dean would rightfully have to foot the bill for the therapy that would surely follow, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be in a place to do that any time soon.

“Everyone has ups and downs,” Tori concluded, “but I’m so madly in love with my husband and our family. Adding to it is such a blessing.”

OK, Tori. OK.

Source: celebweddings