Tristan Thompson is riding high at the moment.

He’s coming off a very impressive opening game in the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs, having compiled 20 points, nine rebounds and two steals in a win over the Celtics on Wednesday night.

But a new report has us wondering whether or not Thompson will continue to get ridden by Khloe Kardashian in the days and weeks ahead.

And the odds of the Cavs winning a second straight title may be higher than the odds of these two kids ending up together.

According to an anonymous OK! Weekly insider, “Khloe can’t stop pushing for marriage and babies.”

She’s allegedly placing an extreme amount of pressure on her long-term boyfriend, and she’s doing it an an inopportune time, considering Thompson must be mentally focused these days on the postseason.

As a result, the tabloid claims Thompson has asked for a “time out” from his romance.

The only question that now remains is therefore this:

Is it akin to a quick, 20-second time out and the relationship will resume after the playoffs are over?

Or is it a full timeout and we’ve sadly seen the last of Tristan and Khloe as a couple?

Talk of Thompson and Kardashian splitting up has run rampant for a few weeks now.

We’ve seen very little of the stars together in public, but this may have to do more with Tristan being extra busy at work these days on the basketball court.

He actually became a first-time father in December as well, courtesy of an ex-girlfriend (who he reportedly dumped for Khloe) and he’s “barely coping” with that major responsibility, OK! writes.

“Khloe’s driving him crazy with her needs, including offering to buy the ring,” this insider says, adding:

“She wants a ring on her finger and a baby on the way and she won’t let up.”

In some sense, Thompson likely admires this persistence.

He is known as a beast on the offense glass, never letting up when it comes to crashing the boards every possession.

In another sense, though, Khloe’s biological clock and its ticking is the last thing he needs to worry about right now.

“It’s totally distracting him from his game, so he’s told her he needs some space,” this tabloid report concludes. “They’re still talking, but for now things are on hold.”

The thing is, Cleveland is 10-0 in the postseason so far.

Thompson has been excelling in his role, too.

So while Cavs fans have supposedly called for Thompson to dump Khloe in the past, we think OK! may have some bad information here.

Either that, or editors simply aren’t watching enough NBA basketball these days. They aren’t aware that Thompson and his teammates could not be more in sync.

Still, we can’t help but wonder…

… who will get a ring first, Khloe Or Tristan?

It doesn’t sound as if an engagement is on tap between the love birds, but if the Cavs keep playing this way, Thompson may be rewarded next month with his second NBA title.

Perhaps he’ll propose immediately afterward on the court!

How cool would that be?!?

Source: celebweddings