Three new people have come out and accused Usher of having sexual contact with them while he was infected with Herpes.

These three people allege that the singer never informed them of his condition.

And one of them is a man.

Late last month, court documents surfaced that detailed how an unnamed sexual partner sued Usher back in 2012 after the pair engaged in “rigorous unprotected sex,” without the artist informing this woman of his Herpes diagnosis.

After she developed her own symptoms and doctors diagnosed the victim with the same sexually transmitted disease. Usher finally admitted that he had acquired Herpes a few years prior.

(It is possible for one to carry Herpes and pass it along, even after one’s own symptoms are cured; it’s an infection that never truly goes away once you have it.)

Usher eventually settled this lawsuit for $1.1 million.

After news of this lawsuit hit the Internet, another woman sued Usher for $10 million.

She says she also slept with the star after he contracted Herpes, yet was never told by the singer that he had this disease.

She only learned of it after reading about the first lawsuit.

Now, the scandal has exploded even further.

According to TMZ, two women and one man are set to file new legal documents that claim Usher exposed them to his STD.

Lisa Bloom, the same lawyer who represented Blac Chyna amidst her revenge porn case against Rob Kardashian, says she’ll file a lawsuit on Monday in California.

She will then hold a new conference in New York City to correspond with the filing.

One of the accusers will appear at the news conference.

The two others will remain anonymous, appear in the lawsuits as Jane Doe and John Doe.

The attorney says all three individuals allege to have had sexual contact with Usher after 2012, adding that he failed to warn them he allegedly had Herpes.

Naturally, rumors of Usher’s sexuality has been circulating online ever since users discovered that a man was joining other women in this sort of lawsuit.

Usher is yet to respond to any of these accusations.

He was once married to Tameka Foster, who has denied ever being diagnosed with Herpes and who says she is perfectly healthy; and is now married to Grace Miguel.

Sources have said Miguel is sticking by her husband throughout this scandal.

She has no plans to leave him.

Source: celebweddings