On Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 19, Lala Kent returned to SUR, where the boss made it clear she won’t tolerate her unreliability.

Of course, Lisa Vanderpump has a rather long fuse when it comes to these lunatics she employs – as long as they bring in the ratings.

When Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 19 got underway, Jax Taylor hit up Tom Sandoval’s house and the two friends set about finding a way to make Schwartz’s wedding to Katie the best day they possibly could. 

Hey, it’s not like the married couple is going to be able to stay amicable their whole wedding day. Let’s just hope there is no tequila in sight or there’s no telling how far Katie will go on one of her rants. 

Something tells us she would not give a damn and would expose Tom’s infidelity to all of the guests. As much as that would make for great ratings, it would not happen. 


Sandoval and Jax decided it was a good idea to get Tom’s triplet brothers to come to the wedding and they were even willing to pay for their flights and accommodation. The duo called the triplets, who all shared a pay as you go cell phone. 

Yes, they live in the stone ages, apparently. Whichever brother was one the phone seemed ecstatic and implied they would all be able to make it if their flights were paid for. It was a very nice thing for Schwartz’s closest friends to do for him. 

The duo wanted to keep it under wraps, but then Brittany lifted the lid to Kristen and, well, we all know that Kristen can’t keep her mouth shut when she knows a secret… or when she’s in the company of Brittany. We’re not even joking about that last part. 

Just ask Jax, he walked in on them getting down and dirty, and his word is clearly a solid representation of what, or who went down. 

Jax was not impressed about Brittany opening her mouth (about the triplets, of course!) and let her know that the news was meant to be a secret, but they were interrupted by Scheana who seems to have no idea that her marriage is crumbling. 

She let Jax in on her plan to have a baby with Shay, but like most viewers, Jax had been wondering where the heck Shay had disappeared to. At one point, he was always with the group. 

Now, he’s focusing his efforts on his music. We’re not buying it, however. He seemed so defeated when he was packing for the wedding and even went as far as saying he was done with everyone. 

Okay then. 

Jax took his concerns to Lisa Vanderpump, who felt that people should only get involved if Scheana opens up to them about her marital woes. LVP has always been nicer to Scheana than the other staff members, so it was an unsurprising comment to make. 

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you’re probably thinking there’s been a severe lack of SUR. It’s almost like none of the cast members work there anymore. However, there was an impressive side dose of drama at SUR this week, in the form of Lala Kent handing in her resignation. 

That resignation was a mere two months late. Before she got to Lisa, she met up with Ariana and apologized for just disappearing into the ether, but Ariana was having none of it. She felt betrayed by Lala and knew there was no way their friendship could be put back together. 

Lala has been an erratic presence on the show over the past year, and burning bridges with Ariana was the final nail in her SUR coffin.

LVP was shocked at the sight of Lala. Lala was quick to apologize and pointed out that she goes into a defensive mode when her character is questioned, and it results in her shutting everyone out. 

Lisa was quick to fire back that Lala did herself no favors by lying all summer. We tend to agree with LVP’s hard words of wisdom. Lala has been a fun personality on the show, but the constant questions about her personal life were wearing thin. 

There was no mystery. It was evident Lala was doing something she should not have been. Lisa did not seem ready to let go of Lala, but told her to keep in touch. This is not quite the ending Jax Taylor tried to let fans believe on Twitter. 

Lala will probably be back at some point. She’s been hanging around with Scheana and Lisa, so it would make sense to have her return if Scheana is on the outs with Stassi again.

The final portion of this exciting episode found everyone making their way to the wedding venue, but there were a lot of issues. For a start, a wardrobe malfunction meant Sandoval missed his flight. Ariana could only wave from the plane at him as he waited at the gate. 

Then, Tom’s brothers missed the flight and Jax fumed. Will he and Sandoval foot the bill for new flights?

Ah, there’s so much at stake… not. 

Next week: The Wedding! Tequila! Tequila Katie!

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