On Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 11, Kristen used a photo of Jax’s junk in a comedy bit – a.k.a. “The D Pic” – to Brittany’s consternation.

Meanwhile, Ariana dropped a BOMB on Stassi.

When Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 11 got underway, Katie and Tom showed up at Lisa’s office and chatted about Lisa’s new products for dogs. 

Katie told Lisa about Kristen’s comedy show, but Lisa laughed off the notion that Kristen was funny. 

At the comedy show, everyone was shocked when Kristen used a picture of Jax’s junk to promote a fake app that turns pictures of genitals into “fine art.”

Yeah, it was definitely one of the most bizarre moments in reality TV history. Brittany noticed it was Jax’s penis straight off the bat and spoke to Stassi. 

Stassi had no idea because she thinks all penises look the same. Brittany confronted Kristen, who claimed she found it difficult to find a penis on the internet that would be good enough for the show. 

Somehow, that’s pretty hard to believe. It’s the internet. 

The next day, Stassi and Kristen visited Brittany and Jax to let them hear the podcast that Jax was part of. Jax grilled Kristen about her motives for using his junk for her show. 

She found the whole thing to be pretty hilarious and thought there was no way it would cause as much friction between the group as it did. 

It was pretty odd to have three women who had slept with Jax talking about his penis together. It’s surprising there was not a huge fight, but we guess it shows how much these women don’t care. 

Back at SUR, Lala showed up and gave a half-assed apology to Tom and Ariana for ditching them.

Lala agreed that she was in the wrong, but she did not want to be put in a situation with Jax because she felt like she was being bullied. 

Scheana showed up and joined in by trashing Lala about the fact she did not contact them sooner to let them know about her not going. 

Lala then went to visit James and told him about the argument. He did, however, find it odd that she was saying she spent time in a hotel alone with her dog. 

He was convinced she was with her boyfriend, but he was also annoyed at the fact he could have went to Nascar in her place. He felt like she was using him. 

Kristen and Stassi decided to meet up with James to find out if he knew that Lala was trashing him to all of their friends. This was something that did not sit well with him because he felt like he had been there for Lala. 

He then dropped the bomb that Lala’s boyfriend tried to have him sign an NDA when he went to Coachella with Lala, Sandoval and Ariana. 

The two girls were shocked to the core, but Stassi seemed to think that Sandoval and Ariana knew Lala was sleeping with a married man because they seemed to defend her at any given opportunity. 

Later, Brittany’s mother, Sherri showed up and quizzed Jax about what was happening between him and Brittany. Jax did not respond well to being put on the spot and made a comment about the year being 2016 and not the 1980s. 

At Katie’s bridal shower, Lisa chatted to Sherri about Jax and why he would not make a good husband. To be fair, she was looking out for Brittany. 

You could cut the tension with a knife after that. 

Stassi and Katie then confronted Ariana about the NDA, but she was quick to point out that she did not sign one. The two girls continued to target her when they felt that it was appalling that Ariana was friends with someone who trashed her friends. 

They even went as far as bringing up Ariana allegedly sleeping with Tom while he was still with Kristen. After Katie walked off, Ariana told Stassi she did not give a “f–k” about her. 

We are now very intrigued to find out what will come next. With Lala’s exit on the horizon, what will go down before she leaves?

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