There are some long-term relationships that end, but on some level, both parties will always feel affection for each other.

And then there’s Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers. Just this week, Vicki did not mince words about how little affection she has for her ex, because apparently playing diss tracks about her rival isn’t conflict for her.

And now Brooks Ayers has come out with a response. …

Vicki Gunvalson, the reigning queen bee of The Real Housewives of Orange County, appeared on Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen about her former relationship.

She was more than a little blunt.

“I don’t love Brooks anymore.”


It’s understandable, but she’s so much more direct about it than we’re used to hearing from celebrities.

“There’s no love. He was a person in my life and my past and I cared for him at that time, but no, I don’t love Brooks.”

That’s pretty cold.

Especially for a woman who once declared that she hates him.

She was even very dismissive of the role that Brooks played to begin with.

“I dated Brooks for four and a half [years]. It’s like, come on.”

Four years is kind of a long time to be friends, and it’s definitely a long time to date.

Maybe four years seems like the blink of an eye at Vicki’s age.

But most people don’t date someone for four years and then brush it off.

“We weren’t engaged, we weren’t married, [he] was a boyfriend for a limited bit of my time.”


And, in case she didn’t sufficiently spell out how donezo they are, she starts talking like a robot:

“There is no status with Brooks.”

Brooks Ayers tells Us Weekly that he doesn’t care what Vicki Gunvalson thinks.

“I’ve moved on with my life.”

That sounds like a healthy, functional level of detachment, right?

And he continues:

“I don’t really care what she thinks or says.”

It’s interesting that he’s bothered to respond at all, if that’s how he really feels.

Though note that he says “thinks or says.”

It may be that Brooks Ayers is suggesting that Vicki might not be saying exactly what she thinks.

Though he does seem to mean that he doesn’t care about either because she’s no longer relevant to his life.

(Again, they dated for four years — that’s a long-ass time to anyone who isn’t a vampire)

Brooks has previously described Vicki as a “driven workaholic who demands perfection.”

He’s also blasted her, saying that Vicki Gunvalson is “too toxic.”


Of course, this is the guy who once fabricated medical documents to “prove” that he has cancer.

So … we’ll take his words with a grain of salt.

Vicki Gunvalson seems mad all the time on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but it’s hard to tell how much of that is just drama because she’s on camera.

Especially when she seems so cold and unfeeling sometimes during interviews.

But we have to wonder if they’re protesting too much.

Could it be that they’re still caught up with resentments and lingering feelings?

Some of those feelings might even be positive.

But we don’t even know if they understand how they really feel — introspection is hard work.

So guessing what they really mean is an almost impossible task.

Source: celebweddings