Hey, hope you’re ready to cry every last tear you have available, because this story is going to get all those buggers out of there.

Because this is a story about a woman named Jessica Torres, her family, and her absolutely amazing future sister-in-law.

Jessica is 28 years old, and back in 2011, she was involved in a serious car accident that left her with a significant brain injury. She lives with her parents now, and requires constant care.

She’s doing better these days, but she’s not able to speak at all, and she sometimes requires feeding tubes and breathing assistance.

Her brother, Derrick, is getting married soon to a woman named Nichole, and that’s where this incredible video comes into play.

As we see in the video, Nichole approaches Jessica and her mother, Lenore, with a gift.

Lenore opens it for Jessica, and she’s directed towards an envelope in the package. She opens it, and immediately bursts into tears, then hugs Nichole.

The card, as she reads to Jessica, says “Soon you will be my sister, but until then, will you be my bridesmaid?”

Nichole makes her way to Jessica’s bedside, and asks her herself, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

And Jessica answers her question with a great big smile.

Watch the insanely moving exchange in the sweet video below:

Source: celebweddings