A woman recently confronted her cheating husband and his side piece at Walmart and all hell broke loose in vintage Walmart fashion.

You can just scroll on down to the video now at the bottom of this page, but in the interest of paragraphs, let’s break down the action!

It’s not clear how the woman found out about the affair, or knew both parties would be at Walmart at this moment, but she did. Oh, she did.

“Excuse me, how you doing? You know who I am? I’m Wayne’s wife. Mmm hmm,” she says, awkwardly confronting the mistress. 

The mistress avoids eye contact as she offers the time-honored mistress defense: “Well, if everything was fine with you…”

“No,” the scorned wife says. “You’re breaking up a home. You’re cheating with my husband. So how filthy and nasty are you?”

“Get out of my face,” the mistress demands.

“And if I don’t? ‘Cause you’re a nasty, filthy cheater,” the wife responds. “That’s what you do? You go around sleeping with married men?”

“Do you realize he has children? Are you a Christian? He’s married. Do you realize that? You go around sleeping with people’s husbands.”

“You are breaking up a home. Cheater. Cheater! You are a cheat-er! And I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re happy, breaking up a home.”

“You text my husband … and you know he’s married. You know he’s married, and you’re still sleeping with him? You are a piece of filth.”

Security is called in, and the video stops just after she says: “No. You come in to my home. I have video of you coming to my home.”

And … scene. And then we pick up the action in the parking lot where she confronts the cheating husband as well! Wayne is blindsided.

“That’s how you do huh? That’s how you do huh? That’s how you do huh? Huh? Yeah I confronted your little broad too in there,” she says.

“You f–kin’ cheater. Cheater! And then it’s a f–kin’ white woman. Oh! F–kin’ cheater. You ain’t nothing but a cheater. I got it. You a cheater!”

“I got you! I got you! We got you! I got you outta my system now. You nasty bitch. You ain’t nothing but a piece of filth. You’re f–kin’ married!”

Sums it up well. See it below.

Source: celebweddings