This is a story about every woman’s worst nightmare … and how it got turned into every Internet user’s most glorious wet dream.

When a woman walked in on her fiance having sex with one of her close friends the night before her wedding, she reacted in a variety of ways.

And one of her bridesmaids was on hand to document the entire thing in a series of Tweets that has gone viral because…

… well, scroll down and find out why for yourself!


So, this is how it started.

2. Screw It! Let’s Party!

But a certain someone isn’t invited.

3. Oh, Yes, She Went Harry Potter on Us

This cheater better look out.

4. MIA for Rest of the Day?

Not quite. She was just getting started.

5. Get It? Painballs?

As in: we want to cause some pain in his balls?

6. Wait… WHAT?!?

Now the husband-to-be is getting married to the cheating bridesmaid/mistress? In Vegas? On the Internet?

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Source: celebweddings