Ready to take another spin on the Jasmine Washington baby carousel?

Those who religiously watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online have sat back and watched this season, as Washington has been added to the cast in a genius casting move by producers.

Her presence has created quite the awkward love triangle, considering Washington gave birth to a son last summer who she claims belongs to Kirk Frost.

The long-time reality star has denied knocking Washington up, swearing he didn’t step out on wife Rasheeda.

The controversy has breathed new life into the VH1 series, prompting viewers to wonder who is telling the truth; whether Frost’s marriage will last; and also to constantly ask the only question that matters at this point:


We appear to now have a new contender.

According to Hollywood Life sources, it may be true that a Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star fertilized Washington’s egg with his sperm back in the day.

But it might not have been Frost. It may have been Yung Joc.

And we may very well find out the truth in the near future, as an insider tells that website that Frost and Joc are both up for taking a DNA test.

“Kirk and Joc are boys and while they made some mistakes, they have a heart,” a source hilariously, supposedly told Hollywood Life of the situation.

The source goes on to allege that Frost has admitted to sleeping with Washington at some point.

“They both know there’s a possibility that Jasmine’s baby could be either one of there’s,” the insider says, adding:

“They’re discussing going to take a paternity test – together.”

Why would Kirk and Yung Joc possibly think this was a good idea?

“It’s just the right thing to do,” the site writes, refraining from mentioning that it would also serve as an amazing season finale cliffhanger for the series.

Kirk and Rasheeda have been married for 17 years. She continues to stand by her man, but that would likely changes if Kirk were proven to the father.

He has apparently been “keeping his fingers, toes and even eyes crossed that Joc’s the father,” a source previously told Hollywood Life.

The insider concludes:

“This situation is killing the both of them and causing a wave a drama through their lives and the only way to fix this is to take a DNA test.”

And forget their own lives, right?

There’s another life at the center of this mess.

“That’s a little baby that Jasmine’s taking care of and the last thing Joc and Kirk are trying to be is a deadbeat dad,” the insider says.

We’ll keep readers apprised of this situation and of any pending DNA tests.

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