wedding destination dressPlanning your wedding – especially a destination wedding – centres a lot around the comfort and happiness of your guests. You consider them when choosing everything from the menu to how easy it is to get to, so it is nice to be allowed to focus purely on yourself when looking for your wedding outfit. Here are five top tips from to help you find a wedding dress you adore for your destination wedding.

Wedding Dress Style

We could write pages on how to find the right wedding dress for your body shape, but the most important point is to try on a variety of styles even if you do not think they will suit you. For most women, their wedding dress is unlike any other outfit they wear in their life so it can be hard to picture what a dress will look like on while it is hanging on a rack. Talk to your bridal consultant about potential alterations such as adding sleeves, or removing a train.


The style of your wedding dress doesn’t just have to suit your figure, it also needs to fit the type of wedding you are having. A tightly fitted dress may look incredible at a chic evening soiree, but would be hopelessly inappropriate at a beach wedding where a more relaxed style is required. Brides marrying in a Catholic church in Spain, Mexico, Italy, or Portugal should dress modestly, covering their shoulders and avoiding plunging necklines.

Wedding Dress Fabric

The climate at your wedding location will dictate the types of fabric you should consider for your dress. This can be tricky as while natural fabrics are the most comfortable for hot, humid climates, they also crease very easily. Tulle is a destination bride’s best friend, being light and floaty, and good at holding its shape. Alternatives include re-embroidered lace and rayon crepe.


Always keep your budget in mind when choosing your wedding dress, and remember to factor in extra costs for alterations like hemming, and taking in or letting out seams. If you fall in love with a wedding dress you can’t afford, identify what elements you especially like and look for a dress which shares these or which can be made or altered to include them. Thinking creatively will let you have a dress you love without blowing the budget.

Packing your Dress

Whatever dress you choose you will need to transport it to your wedding destination, and get it looking pristine once it arrives. Check with your airline about their policy to see if you can hang it in the cabin rather than have to pack it in the hold. If not, you will have to carefully pack it into a box that fits into the overhead lockers. Pack your dress last so that wrinkles have as little time as possible to form, and use polystyrene or plastic tubes wrapped in acid free paper in the folds so creases don’t form. Rolled up white fabric also works well. Always pack your dress in a waterproof garment bag.

Your wedding planner can arrange for your dress to be professionally steamed and pressed on your arrival. It is also a good idea to have it professionally cleaned before you depart to make sure any stains are removed before they set.