Wedding ChecklistBeautiful brides don’t just happen overnight. Follow this bridal beauty countdown to look and feel better than ever on your wedding day.

6 months

If you’ve been thinking about a stylish new haircut, or sun kissed looking locks, now is the time to try it. Six months out from your big day gives you ample time to decide whether it is a good look for you or whether you want to grow out any changes.

Start a regular routine of beauty treatments either at home or at a beauty salon. Make an appointment with a dermatologist if you suffer from problem skin, and boost your vitamin intake to ensure your skin is glowing, your hair is lustrous, and your nails strong and healthy.

The more time you have to get into shape the easier it is. Add some endorphin inducing, stress relieving exercise into your week, and make healthy changes to your diet.

4 Months

Don’t leave it any later than four months before your wedding to have your hair and makeup consultation. Even if you will be working with a different destination wedding hairstylist you will get an idea for what styles suit you and can take photos to show your wedding stylist. If you plan on applying your makeup yourself have lessons with a professional who will show you the best products and application techniques to help you look flawless.

2 Months

Try different fake tan brands, or speak with your beauty therapist to find the best colour for you. One shade most certainly does not suit all, and the day before your wedding is not the time to find out the brand that looks lovely on your friend turns to into an Oompa Loompa!

1 Month

If you don’t already have a good supply then stock up on all the products you need from eyelash curlers to top coat for your toenails, and everything in between. If you are not already drinking at least two litres of water a day start hydrating – your skin will thank you for it! Get into a regular routine of exfoliation and moisturising so you are tan-ready when the time comes, and book your pre-wedding beauty appointments.

1 Week

Hair that needs waxing should be done this week to leave enough time for any redness to disappear. One week before is also the right time for your pre-wedding facial. Even if you use the same products all the time you don’t want to risk irritation or a break-out close to your big day. Keep drinking your water.

2 Days

Get your tan and your nails done. Shellac or gel manicures and pedicures are the best option so you don’t have to worry about chipping, but you should still take a bottle of the right colour nail polish with you, just in case.

1 Day

Do as little as possible the day before your wedding. Nap, drink water, and relax so you look and feel refreshed for your wedding day. Eat four to six small, nutritious meals and avoid anything which can make you feel bloated like processed carbohydrates and fizzy drinks.

Wedding Day

Start your wedding day with a healthy breakfast even if you don’t feel hungry. Your body needs nourishing food to propel you through the next 12 to 16 hours. Drink several glasses of water in the morning to keep yourself hydrated, especially if the weather is hot.

Relax and have fun. You look sensational!