Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind is officially a deadbeat dad.

Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur are due major compensation from this flake, an ongoing struggle that ironically helped them become close.

Because Adam Lind has failed to pay enough child support to either woman, the derelict of society now has two warrants out for his arrest.

According to the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office in South Dakota, Lind currently owes $3,805 in child support for the first warrant.

A family insider confirmed that the amount is for his child support agreement with Teen Mom 2 staple Houska for their daughter Aubree, 7.

If that doesn’t sound like a lot, well, maybe it’s not to you, or it shouldn’t be, but these things are relative, and we’re talking about Adam Lind. 

Not exactly a model citizen in any respect.

As for the second warrant, Lind owes former girlfriend Taylor Halbur even more – $5,489 in back child support for their daughter Paislee, 3.

How can he be that short at this point?

“He isn’t paying because he’s an idiot and thinks the amount isn’t fair,” a source close to the situation tells Radar, without mincing words.

Sadly for Lind, it doesn’t work that way.

Adam is required, by binding court order, to pay $945 per month to Houska as of March 3, 2016, and also to pay for her health insurance.

Lind is also on the hook for “medical, dental, orthodontic, optometric, counseling or other health care costs that are not covered by insurance.”

For additional costs not covered by insurance, Houska is expected to pay 55 percent, while Lind must handle the remaining 45 percent.

Halbur, for her part, is expected to receive $1,203 a month from the world class loser as of June 20, 2016, and apparently has not been.

The court documents in her case read:

“Included in this amount is the amount of reimbursement or credit for medical insurance, any allocation of child care costs as set forth in the report.”

Halbur is responsible for the first $250 per year of medical expenses that is not covered by insurance; after that, the remaining 25 percent. 

Lind is ordered to pay the remaining 75 percent after that point, which clearly is a task he may not be up to – and pay a heavier price for.

The personal trainer, seen above with Paislee and current fiancee Stasia Huber, has blasted both of his ex-girlfriends on social media.

After they requested that the court raise the amount he pays per month, Lind wasn’t having it … and in turn, he let them both have it.

“She feels $945 a month is necessary,” he ranted. “Guess her lil pig, 6 dogs, new jeep and house just isn’t enough and needs extra $$.”

That would be Chelsea Houska, who is now engaged to Cole De Boer, by all accounts a stand-up guy, and getting married soon.

Lind added of Taylor Halbur:

“Taylor alsooooo filed for more support. And she already gets $551 for Paislee. Whom I have some custody of.”

“Weird how they both file for more $$ right when season 7 is coming to an end to kick of their season 8.”

Of course, Lind threatened to quit Teen Mom 2, claiming he’s fed up with MTV, then quietly angled for a raise to come back on.

He’s smooth, this one.

Adam has not been arrested for the charges, though if he keeps running his mouth and withholding money he clearly has, that could change. 


Source: celebweddings