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Start married life in style with a dream honeymoon

Your honeymoon is likely to be one of the most important and memorable holidays you and your partner ever take – and the destination itself has to be truly special. Here at Escape Weddings, we’ve scoured the globe to find some of the most luxurious honeymoon destinations, each of them guaranteed to help couples kick off married life in true style. We know that every couple is totally unique, and each and every visitor to our site will be looking for a honeymoon that matches their personality. If you’re looking for all-our luxury, pristine sands and all-day sunshine, we can recommend a selection of stunning, secluded resorts where you and your new husband or wife will want for nothing. Perhaps you’d like nothing more than to hole up in a beautiful log cabin, to unwind from the buzz of your wedding day and spend some quality time together - in which case we’ll hook you up with plenty of choices, in beautiful rural locations. Put simply, whatever you’ve got in mind for your honeymoon, the team here at Escape Weddings is here to help make it happen.  

Putting your package together

We’ll help with everything, from arranging flights to connecting you with local travel operators that can offer tours and excursions within your honeymoon. You’ll receive advice on what to pack depending on your destination and the duration of your trip, and tips on handling visas and renewing passports with your new married name. We’ll even offer hot photography guidance, to ensure that you take the most beautiful pictures, which will surely be framed upon landing back at home, still cocooned in marital bliss. If you’re not quite at the stage of booking your honeymoon yet, never fear! We’re also a great inspiration hub, a place for you to gather ideas and establish exactly what you want from post-wedding trip. We’ll help you narrow down your options until you’re left with just one – the honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of.  
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Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, the honeymoon is almost built right in! However, choosing the right location to relax and unwind after the ceremony is just as important as picking the wedding destination itself. Here is our definitive selection of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe.

Top Honeymoon Destinations Asia

When it comes to tropical paradises, secluded coves and a sense of being the only two people in the world, Asia has a number of wonderful honeymoon destinations that are hard to beat. From bustling cities to Robinson Crusoe beaches and culture by the boatload, here are our top picks.

Secret Honeymoon Destinations Indian Ocean

If you’re looking for an undiscovered paradise, try these secret honeymoon destinations in the beautiful Indian Ocean, from Malaysian resorts to private islands in Cambodia. They are the epitome of luxury and escapism, making picking just one honeymoon destination something of a problem…

Unusual Honeymoon Destinations

Whether its sitting atop a mountain in Bali, jungle trekking in India, enjoying wildlife on Safari in Botswana, visiting temples in Hong Kong or viewing life from the cockpit of a converted Boeing 727, a honeymoon is all about personality – yours! Try these unusual honeymoon destinations on for size.

The Most Luxurious Honeymoon Locations

There is luxury and then there is exuberance, excellence and extravagance. The difference: premium materials, superior furnishings, innovative design, period charm and distinguished service that goes far beyond simply meeting expectations. These are the ultimate in luxurious honeymoon destinations.

Gay Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

With the increasing spread in the legalisation of same sex marriages, the scope for LGBT honeymoons is expanding. Here are some of the world’s most friendly gay travel destinations whether you like the cosmopolitan life, or want to escape from weddings to a tropical paradise.

5 of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in 2016

Are you planning your honeymoon? From Shanghai to the South Island of New Zealand, here are the five best holiday destinations for 2016, chosen for their unique beauty, their opportunity for adventure, and their ability to deliver incredible memories you’ll treasure forever.

Are These the Best Overwater Bungalows in the World?

Many couples dream of a honeymoon in a romantic overwater villa where they can recline in the sunshine on their own private terrace, and enjoy uninterrupted views of a tropical paradise. Here are five of the best overwater bungalows to inspire your honeymoon planning.

The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing Checklist

There are holiday packing checklists, and there is this ultimate honeymoon checklist. Unless you want to risk going halfway around the world and forgetting something crucial, don’t pack your bag without this comprehensive list of what to take on your honeymoon.

Ultimate Guide To Destination Weddings

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