Judging by the many, many tragic tales Amy Duggar has told on Marriage Boot Camp, it’s safe to say that she’s had a rough life.

She’s revealed that a family member grabbed her by the throat and lifted her when she was younger, which sounds so terrifying.

And of course she’s got several problems with her husband, Dillon King.

The way they speak to each other is appalling, and Amy’s even stated that once she got so mad at Dillon that she punched him.

She’s also a Duggar, so, you know … sorry about that lot in life, girl.

But is it possible that all of Amy’s issues, every last one of them, can be traced back to events that took place when she was a child?

Well, that’s usually how it works.

In this extra dramatic sneak peek for this week’s new episode of Marriage Boot Camp, Amy is confronted by a little girl: a child actor who’s pretending to be Amy.

Little Amy discusses with the therapist painful things that have happened in her short life so far …

Including her mother leaving suicide notes for her to find and her father telling her that she was a mistake.

She even says that she’s even used to spending most of her time outside so that she doesn’t have to hear her parents fighting.

Check out the absolutely harrowing clip below:

Source: celebweddings