Don’t you just love Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani together?

They’re just such an unlikely couple, Blake with his country swagger and deer track tattoos and Gwen being the ultimate pop/rock princess. It’s sweet.

It’s even sweeter because they’ve been together for a whole entire year now, if you can even believe it, and Gwen has been publicly gushing over Blake to commemorate their anniversary.

“I can’t say anything but I’m so blessed,” she said in an interview this week. “It’s just crazy how much happened, you know what I mean? So many beautiful memories.”

And she’s right, it is crazy that so much has happened in their relationship already — and it’s especially crazy to think about how they got together.

Gwen and Blake both went through difficult divorces right before they started their relationship.

Gwen filed for divorce from Gavin Rossdale in August 2015, allegedly because of a long affair he had with their nanny, and Blake filed for divorce from Miranda Lambert in July 2015, allegedly because he believed she was unfaithful.

But while filming The Voice, Gwen and Blake found comfort in each other, and now, a year and approximately a billion rumored pregnancies and engagements later, it looks like they’ve found true happiness.

… Or have they?

Sorry to bring on this bit of sadness, but there’s a new report from Radar that claims that Blake recently met with Miranda behind Gwen’s back.

And the details are just absolutely awful.

According to the report, Blake and Miranda both attended a gala in Nashville, but Miranda’s boyfriend, singer Anderson East, and Gwen didn’t accompany them.

Blake reportedly “complimented her on her newest song, ‘Vice,’ said she looked amazing and asked to have a private word with her.”

Uh oh …

He then told her that he’s been “carrying around a ton of emotional baggage and guilt since they divorced last summer.”

“He told her he regretted how their split became so nasty, and even suggested he wished their marriage could have worked out. He also told Miranda he misses her!”

If this is true, then obviously poor Gwen would take it pretty hard.

This insider claims that “Gwen has always been insecure and jealous over Blake’s womanizing ways, but she’s going to be crushed when she learns he and Miranda are getting chummy again.”

It probably goes without saying, but the source concludes by saying that “Blake and Miranda reconnecting could be the nail in the coffin for Blake’s relationship with Gwen.”

Hopefully this is a bunch of nonsense, because can you even imagine how tragic this would be?

Gwen’s been through enough already. Come on, world.

Source: celebweddings