On Tuesday morning, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, and the celebrity gossip world has been scrambling what went wrong ever since.

Now, after nearly three days of rumors and speculation, a picture of what really drove one of the world’s most famous couples apart is beginning to emerge.

Just hours after news of the split went public, several outlets reported that it was Pitt’s drug use and short temper that prompted Jolie to end the marriage out of concern for her children’s safety.

Today, even uglier stories emerged regarding Pitt being investigated for child abuse.

We now know that the FBI is involved in the investigation as an anonymous call to the Department of Child and Family Services stated that the incident took place during a flight on a private jet, which would place it under federal jurisdiction.

Details are scarce, but it’s unlikely that Pitt will face a penalty as serious as jail time.

Even so, the news isn’t exactly doing wonders for his reputation.

Now, several outlets seem to be implicitly verifying the rumors of Brad’s abusive behavior by reporting that the actor messed up so badly that a single incident prompted Jolie to call it quits. 

“Brad did not want the marriage to end,” one insider tells E! News. “He was committed to doing what he needed to make it work. He was open to counseling.”

“There was clearly a breaking point, where she’d just had enough,” a different source tells People magazine.

That unidentified friend of the couple attempts to spin things in Brad’s favor, claiming that Pitt “may have been broken himself” and “begged” Jolie not to leave him.

Asked about the abuse allegations, the insider doesn’t confirm them, but acknowledges that Pitt took a “stricter approach versus Angelina’s more relaxed attitude” when it came to disciplining the couple’s six children.

Both parties have mostly kept quiet on the issue of their impending divorce, but they also both have PR teams working furiously to defend their reputations.

Sources the custody battle between Pitt and Jolie is already getting ugly, with Angelina determined to secure prumary physical custody.

It’ll be sometime before we find out what happens when they got in front of a judge, but for now, it looks as though Jolie is dominating Pitt in the court of public opinion.

And if the allegations against him are true, the lasting impact on Brad’s career and reputation could be profound.

We’ll have further updates on this story as more information becomes available.

Source: celebweddings