Why does Teen Mom insist on constantly breaking our hearts?

To be fair, the show usually has a good balance of heartbreaking content and pure reality show trash, so we guess we’ll get it a pass.

But it seems like lately, Teen Mom OG has just been serving up tragic situation after tragic situation, and we need a break.

The most recent episode showed Maci Bookout seriously concerned over an unnamed issue with her ex, Ryan Edwards, and we also saw Amber Portwood in a very sketchy situation with Matt Baier at a Vegas wedding chapel.

In the first sneak peek for Monday night’s episode, Amber was upset again, this time over the death of her father.

And now, in a brand new clip from tomorrow’s show, we’re seeing the moms get real about postpartum depression.

Amber, Maci, and Catelynn Lowell are still in Puerto Rico will their respective guys, Matt, Taylor McKinney, and Tyler Baltierra, doing some grilling and drinking some beers.

They marvel about being on a vacation without kids, and Catelynn comments that one day, she’ll have more children.

She and Tyler, of course, are parents to little Nova, and they also had another child, Carly, that they placed for adoption.

Maci advises her to have all the kids she wants now to “get it over with,” but Tyler comes back with “Yeah, but listen, postpartum is like …”

Well, we’re not sure exactly what he said because it was too heavily censored, but it’s clear he doesn’t have the warmest feelings for it.

During the last season of Teen Mom OG, we saw Catelynn suffering from postpartum depression, so much that she had to go away to a rehab facility.

It’s clear that she still struggles with it, even now.

Maci reveals that she shared Catelynn’s struggle after she gave birth to her daughter, Jayde, but it was easier for her once she realized it was normal.

Tyler says that it was a little strange having Nova because “The only love we knew was for Carly, who was like, not even with us.”

When Maci tells them they made the right decision in placing Carly for adoption, they agree, but things get a little tense.

“It would’ve been really easy,” Catelynn begins, “I could have been super selfish and brought her home and not gave a f-ck about her future or … ’cause I just wanted her.”

Tyler, who seems to know what’s coming, says “Oh lord, here it goes,” as Catelynn gets up and walks off by herself.

“She gets bothered about Carly,” he explains to the others when she’s gone. “She tries to be happy, but it bothers her bad.”

“She’s got a lot of guilt,” he continues. “When you’re 16, you’re so scared, you place a child, then you’re 24 and you have one that you actually raise, and you’re like ‘Wow, I could have like a seven-year-old, eight-year-old running around.'”

“It just makes you question everything.”

It sounds like an unbelievably difficult situation to be in, and while Catelynn has nothing to feel guilty about, it’s definitely understandable for her to be upset.

Way to bring the tears yet again, Teen Mom.

Source: celebweddings