Earlier today, we reported that Adam Lind recently tested potitive for methamphetamines, a development that could cost him future custody and visitation rights.

While we doubt that either of his baby mamas are very pleased by the idea that their child had been spending time with a hard drug user, Chelsea Houska might be inclined to see a silver lining in the dark cloud of Lind’s substance abuse.

Despite some stiff competition, Lind reigns supreme as the worst baby daddy in the Teen Mom franchise.

He’s been a thorn in the side of both Houska and Taylor Halbur ever since they made their respective decisions to get romantically involved with him despite the douche vibes he gives off at all times.

Now, the fact that he’s been caught using could offer both moms the chance to remove Lind from their lives entirely, or at least ensure their daughters’ safety by securing supervised visitations.

Whatever winds up happening, Houska is beyond the point of pretending she has any respect or lingering affection for Lind.

And now she’s taken to broadcasting her distaste for her baby daddy on social media.

Houska married Cole DeBoer back in October, and though he’s not Aubree’s biological dad, the entire family has made it quite clear that they consider Cole to be Aubree’s “real” father.

Chelsea and Cole both reinforced that message with separate Instagram posts on Father’s Day.

In the photo above, Cole posed with both Aubree and his son, Watson Cole De Boer.

The timing of the post is shady enough, but it’s Chelsea’s caption that really drives the message home:

“I hope Aubree finds a man like you…and I hope our son turns out to be JUST like you.”

Cole posted a Father’s Day photo of his own, and a caption that we’re guessing Lind wasn’t thrilled with.

Along with the above photo of his homemade presents, DeBoer wrote:

“I am a spoiled daddy. What an amazing Father’s Day surprise with these beautifully crafted gifts from my outstanding wife @chelseahouska and my beautiful kiddos #Aubree/Watson I am very blessed and very happy.”

It can be a dangerous thing to refer to a meth user’s child as your own.

But clearly DeBoer is unconcerned.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how big a D-bag Lind truly is.

Source: celebweddings