Farrah Abraham isn’t great at maintaining healthy relationships with … well, anyone, but her most contentious battle might be the lifelong one she’s been waging against her mother, Debra Danielsen.

Debra is getting married in November, and as a way of making it all about her, Farrah has announced that she won’t be attending.

It’s unclear when Farrah went from frequently screaming in her mother’s face to giving her the silent treatment, but for whatever reason, the two aren’t on speaking terms.

Danielsen recently spoke to Radar Online and revealed that Farrah is sticking to her guns and refusing to attend her mother’s nuptials.

“Right now they’re not participating in the wedding,” Danielsen told the site.

“They’re not coming to the wedding.”

Danielsen described Farrah’s actions as “very hurtful” and stated that she blamed the decision on her the Teen Mom: OG star’s disapproval of her fiance:

“Family is family and blood is blood,” she explained.

“I don’t intend on getting married again. If she married someone I didn’t like, I would be there front and center.”

Sounds like Deb is pretty broken up about it.

Which may be why she’s pulling a passive-aggressive boss move and inviting Farrah’s biggest rival to the ceremony.

Last year Farrah and Amber Portwood nearly came to blows at the TM:OG reunion show

“We’re friends,” Danielsen said of her decision to invite Portwood.

“We all started together, we are family. We have a bond and I take that seriously.”

And that’s not the only surprising guest.

Deb has also invited Jenelle Evans’ ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, who was released from prison back in March.

“Courtland has always wanted to meet Farrah,” Danielsen explained.

“There might be a prospect for Farrah there if she comes since Simon [Saran] is out of the picture.”

Yes, Deb thinks Farrah should get together with Jenelle’s ex.

Come to think of it, we think it’s a great idea, too.

But only because we’d give anything to see Jenelle’s reaction to the news.

We’re guessing there would be no survivors.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Farrah and Deb’s horrendously dysfunctional relationship.

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