Good news, folks! Unless you were hoping to date either of these love birds. In which case, tough luck.

Drew Carey and his girlfriend, Dr. Amie Harwick, have reportedly taken things to the next level and decided to get married.

We don’t know when the wedding will be, but here’s what we do know. …

Drew Carey took over hosting The Price Is Right more than a decade ago, but that’s hardly his only claim to fame.

The 59-year-old has also hosted Whose Line Is It Anyway and, of course, starred on The Drew Carey Show.

Dr. Amie Harwick is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She’s also a university lecturer, a public speaker, and an author.

The 36-year-old is also no stranger to appearing on television, notably on Braxton Family Values.

Though they’ve known each other for less than a year, this couple has gotten engaged.

RadarOnline‘s source close to Drew Carey and Dr. Amie Harwick reports that they made the decision just days after a romantic New Year’s trip to Paris.

“Drew’s convinced that Amie’s the one that he wants to spend the rest of his life with!”

That’s very exciting. Though we should note that they apparently only met last June — less than a year ago.

To put it in perspective, Kylie Jenner was (secretly) pregnant then and she’s (probably) still pregnant now.

But apparently, when they met at that fateful L.A. house party, something just clicked.

“Drew fell for Amie right away and they started dating almost immediately.”

Since then, the pair has been all but inseparable.

Drew apparently loves that his girlfriend’s career is all about helping and educating others.

He’s also been known to defend her status from time to time.

As beautiful as Dr. Harwick is, when she was characterized as arm candy at the Rock to Recovery event last December, Drew Carey set the record straight:

“No, my PhD-holding therapist-author-girlfriend was invited and brought ME!”

That’s a very important clarification.

Now, you may be thinking that Drew Carey is diving into this awfully quickly.

He’s famously had relationships in the past that didn’t work out. But, you know, that’s life.

Yes, Dr. Amie Harwick is incredibly attractive. She’s also intelligent and accomplished. Seriously, her social media is full of memes, which pretty much won me over.

And RadarOnline‘s source says that Drew Carey’s priorities are in order.

“Drew’s a new man now! He’s totally focused on having a real relationship!”

That’s great to hear.

Dr. Amie Harwick and Drew Carey are lucky to have found each other.

Every day seems to be an absolute nightmare, so we should all find love and comfort wherever we can (while, of course, clinging to hope that the global horrorshow of the past couple of years comes to a peaceful end).

We should note that Dr. Harwick has a book out, titled The New Sex Bible For Women.

While the two of them seem to mostly move in different circles, professionally, they could still end up being quite the power couple one day.

For now, we’re sure that they’re happy to settle for just being a cute couple who decided to start off 2018 on a positive note.

Source: celebweddings