Oh, what a world we live in …

If you’ve been watching this season of Marriage Boot Camp, you know that both Farrah Abraham and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson have some messed up families.

On the show — this season is the Reality Stars Family Edition, remember? — we’ve seen Farrah try to work on her troubled relationship with her parents, Debra and Michael.

We’ve also seen Chad deal with his insane nightmare of a mother, Paula.

Paula has surprised us all by being the worst person on the show, which is quite the accomplishment when Farrah is involved.

And on Friday night’s new episode, both ladies got into a bit of a spat.

They’ve never gotten along, but things got heated when Paula asked Farrah if she’d graduated high school.

She said that yes, she did, and she also went through college, “and guess what, I didn’t have to leave my kid like you did!”

Which isn’t entirely correct — on Teen Mom, we saw Farrah leave little Sophia with her parents while she went to college in Florida, but we know what she means.

She never abandoned Sophia, where Paula really left some deep wounds with Chad.

Paula didn’t take kindly to Farrah’s remark and called her “trailer park trash,” to which Farrah said “When I go f-ck your son, I’ll send you a picture.”

… What now?

It’s a weird remark to make, even if Farrah was planning on sleeping with Chad at some point.

But at least now, according to some screenshots Farrah just posted, that did seem to be her plan all along.

“Paula realize your not going to treat people badly, attack people, provoke, be racist & Be an alcoholic WRONG is WRONG see ya Bye Felicia,” she wrote on Twitter yesterday.

And along with that bizarre, garbled message — classic Farrah — she gave some receipts.

In what looks to be a text message conversation between Farrah and Chad, Chad wrote “Actually we are dating I just didn’t know how to tell you. I love you.”

She responded with “So much love your too funny.”

She blocked out part of the conversation with some new text she put over the image — that charming little bit asking Paula if she wanted a sex tape next.

But then we see that Chad wanted to kiss her — but she shut it down.

In the next screenshot, it looks like these two possible lovebirds are planning a Miami vacation together since, as Chad wrote, “we are dating now.”

It does seem like they’re teasing each other, but it’s some pretty flirtatious teasing — we wouldn’t be surprised if there was a little bit of truth behind the joking.

So is Farrah really hooking up with good ol’ Ochocinco here? Is she just doing it to get back at his mother?

We don’t know, but we do know that this is a trainwreck we won’t be able to look away from anytime soon.

Source: celebweddings