Look out, celebrity gossip lovers across the world!

You may want to duck and take cover.

Because we’re pretty sure pigs will start flying at any moment.

We have this inkling because Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin went ahead and did the unthinkable on Friday night:

He issued what appears to be a heartfelt apology to Kailyn Lowry.

For real!

“At the end of the day a good relationship with my sons mother will make Lincoln the happiest. I lost sight of that,” Javi wrote, referencing the child he shares with his ex-wife.

The mea culpa was prompted by Marroquin’s actions while visiting current (or maybe ex) girlfriend, Briana DeJesus, in Miami last week. (More on that down below.)

“This trip made me realize that and I’ve apologized to kail for my actions,” Marroquin added, regarding Lowry and their relationship.

The formerly married reality stars co-parent their four-year-old son.

Through all their ups and downs (and there have been A LOT of ups and downs!), Javi and Kailyn have at least always seemed dedicated to raising their toddler in as happy and as healthy an environment as possible.

The couple was together as husband and wife for three years prior to their split in 2016.

Both have since moved on with other lovers, as Marroquin’s ongoing, up-and-down relationship with fellow MTV personality DeJesus is a constant source of tension.

Early last week, Javi visited Briana in Florida, where she had gone to get some plastic surgery.

It’s unclear exactly what transpired between the pair, but Marroquin peaced out quickly, sparking chatter that the twosome had broken up once again.

What the heck happened between Marroquin and DeJesus that prompted him to leave earlier than planned AND to subsequently apologize to Lowry?

“I should’ve never went. I should’ve went to LA like I was supposed to. We broke up for a reason and yesterday reassured me that,” Javi simple said mysteriously to Radar Online when asked this question.

It’s since been rumored that Briana’s baby daddy, Devoin Austin, also showed up in Miami, creating quite the awkward situation.

Clearly having heard this rumor, and likely having been asked about it on Twitter, Lowry took the high road on Friday.

She refused to rub any salt in Javi’s latest wound, writing to followers instead:

“Everyone’s asking where tea is at but javis been through enough so I’m not gona put him through more s—t.”

Man. It was a lot more fun when these two were at each other’s throats, huh?

For Lincoln’s sake, we’re glad his parents look like they’re maturing and acting like real adults.

But it’s a real bummer from our side of things!

Marroquin and DeJesus, meanwhile, called it quits in January after dating for just a few months, although it’s apparent the nail wasn’t fully stuck into their romantic coffin at the time.

“It’s none of my business, so my mouth is closed. I wish Javi the best, as always,” Lowry told Us Weekly about the break-up last month.

But then Kailyn went ahead and sort of made it her business by bringing Marroquin on her podcast and asking him about his split from DeJesus.

Briana was not very happy about this development.

She WENT OFF on Lowry and Marroquin in an epic Twitter rant shortly after this appearance.

“Call me ratchet, trashy all you want but don’t mention my name again and there will be no issues,” Briana wrote as one of many messages aimed at Kailyn and Javi, adding:


She also wrote this:

Is there any chance these three bury their hatchet over a cup of coffee?

Or on a special Teen Mom episode?

Don’t count on it.

“It would never happen. We would never get along. You allowed her to disrespect me to my face, also on camera, also in text messages,” Kailyn told Javi on the aforementioned podcast, concluding:

“When I said what I had to say in a nice way, you defended her and not me. We raise a son together, you don’t raise a son with her.”

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