Let’s be real, Jenelle Evans isn’t going to be winning any awards for her parenting anytime soon.

There’s actually a good chance that she’s the worst mom in Teen Mom history.

Hey, as long as we’re being real we might as well go all the way with it, right?

We hardly have time to list all of the many, many reasons Jenelle isn’t the greatest at parenting …

But a short list of highlights couldn’t hurt.

Shortly after giving birth to her first son, Jace, she gave her mother custody of him because she preferred partying to caring for her new baby.

We saw her stay out all night because Jace slept at night anyway — seriously, she said that — and we even saw her explain that Jace didn’t need her because he had Barbara.

After giving up custody, she got into a series of terrible relationships, most of them violent, and her drug use escalated to the point that she felt comfortable doing heroin in front of an MTV film crew.

A few years after having Jace, she got pregnant with her second child, Kaiser, after about a minute of knowing Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith.

And a couple of years after that, she got pregnant with her third child, Ensley, after being with her father, David Eason, for a few months.

Let’s see … she took Kaiser to the beach during a hurricane once, she married David even though Jace told her multiple times that he didn’t want that to happen.

There are a whole lot of issues going on with this girl when it comes to raising her kids.

And with everything else, honestly, but one thing at a time, OK?

Recently, a big story about Jenelle has been her most recent custody battle — the one that’s about to start over Kaiser.

Nathan’s mother, Doris, filed for emergency custody of him a few months ago, claiming that Jenelle and David had been abusing and neglecting him.

She claimed that Kaiser had told her once that David had punched him in the head, and she said that she’d been keeping photographic evidence of the marks on his body that could be from abuse.

She also claimed that Jenelle regularly locks the kids, including three-year-old Kaiser, outside.

The custody case has been pushed back because of Doris’ husband’s health problems, but don’t worry — some sleuths on social media are still compiling evidence for the case against Jenelle.

The latest piece of evidence that she’s neglecting Kaiser is the following photo:

You may be a little confused, so let’s lay it all out.

Jenelle has been documenting the cheerleading adventures of David’s daughter Maryssa — the whole family, minus Jace, has been going to competitions to cheer her on.

Maryssa has her uniform, Ensley has a precious little miniature uniform, and Jenelle and David both have matching jerseys.

Kaiser, meanwhile, is in his regular clothes, looking pretty left out.

“He’s always left out,” one of Jenelle’s followers commented — another wrote “Apparently Kaiser doesn’t belong to this family.”

“It’s like her daughter is her #1 and her sons don’t matter,” another person suggested, because you know some people were upset that Jace wasn’t here, too.

“Poor Kaiser,” one person said. “At least you should have put a freaking purple shirt on him.” After all, as someone else pointed out, “it takes 2 minutes to run into a Walmart to get a purple shirt.”

“Wtf why is the baby boy Kaiser not a part of the family look that’s messed up A PICTURE NEVER LIES,” one particularly incensed person wrote.

Someone even speculated that “Kaiser doesn’t get to wear purple cuz David says so.”

It’s a lot of hate for one wardrobe choice, right?

Especially one that couldn’t be helped — as Jenelle herself explained in the comments, “We didn’t plan on having Kaiser this weekend. Wasn’t out weekend.”

A few days later, she was able to get a matching shirt for poor Kaiser:

Adorable, right?

Look, we’re not exactly in the business of defending Jenelle. Pretty much the opposite, really.

But it’s important to learn how to pick your battles, and this battle?

It’s not even a battle, it’s just a shirt, guys. It’s just a shirt.

We’ve seen Kaiser scream and cry to be fed, we’ve seen David jerk him around by his arm and throw him in his car seat.

At the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, both Jenelle and Nathan admitted that someone had spanked him hard enough to leave bruises — they just argued about who had done the spanking.

These are the things we need to be worrying about. It’s cool to hate on Jenelle for these things.

But the shirt a toddler wears to his stepsister’s cheerleading competition?

It just. Doesn’t. Matter.

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