After months of keeping a relatively low profile, Jeremy Calvert is suddenly reminding Teen Mom 2 fans of his existence in a big way.

Most of the tabloid attention has had to do with Calvert’s social media attack on his Teen Mom 2 co-stars.

But in addition to Calvert’s most recent clashes with Leah Messer and company, he’s also making headlines for the latest developments in his tumultuous love life.

Back in September, Jeremy got back together with Brooke Wehr, a reunion that she celebrated by posting a nude photo of Calvert.

(Hey, everyone marks special occasions in their own way.)

That was probably the last update on Jeremy’s love life that most fans were aware of.

But it looks like a whole lot has changed in the past two months.

For one thing, Jeremy and Brooke broke up.

We’re not sure when, exactly, because Jer was uncharacteristically quiet about the split.

But at some point, he got involved in an entirely new relationship, this one with a woman named Kristen Blake.

Calvert announced the relationship just last week with a now-deleted photo of Blake.

“When true love comes together,” he captioned the image.

Sadly, it seems that “true love” was short-lived.

Earlier this week, Jeremy posted the above photo, along with a caption that many fans are interpreting as a breakup announcement.

“3 words that are way to loosely used now days and so easy to say to people. And I’m just as guilty as everyone else that says it for the most part,” he wrote.

Tellingly, Calvert disabled comments on the post.

It’s anyone’s guess what happened between these two, but the fact that Jeremy has been railing against infidelity lately might be significant.

“Dude if ur fucking married or engaged don’t send me fucking shit on here or snap chat like wtf. it’s killing me not to call u bitches out on here,” he captioned a recent post.

“Get ur shit together 99% of you have fucking kids and a family stop trying to fuck it up.”

Sounds like Jeremy is at his wits’ end these days.

As for whether or not his frustration has anything to do with his love life, we may never know.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Calvert’s many ups and downs.

Source: celebweddings