There are many words that are commonly associated with the Duggars on social media.

“Courtship,” “side-hug,” and “Quiverfull” are among the unusual terms that are strangely familiar to Counting On fans.

But there’s one word that might be used more often than any other in describing Jim Bob, Michelle, and their massive brood–“hypocritical.”

Yes, ever since news of the Josh Duggar sex scandals went public, the family has been accused of rampant hypocrisy on a seemingly daily basis.

And the evidence that the Duggars don’t quite practice what they preach just keeps piling up.

Obviously, their tolerance for Josh’s child molestation and marital infidelity is the most damning incident, but the Duggars have proven on countless occasions that they have no qualms about saying one thing in public and doing the exact opposite in private.

Whether it’s Jim Bob hoarding while espousing the virtues of Christian charity, or Michelle encouraging abusive parenting techniques while preaching love and compassion, the Duggars see utterly unashamed of the many inconsistencies in their belief system.

Of course, their greatest hypocrisy will always be evident in their interactions with Josh, and fans are always quick to call them out on it:

Michelle and Jim Bob posted the above photo on Facebook yesterday with a caption reading:

“Treasure your spouse! Godly husbands and wives are blessings from the Lord!

“Remember to tell them that you love them, that you are thankful for them, and that you will always have their back. It’s the little things that speak volumes!!”

Naturally, many of the family’s Facebook followers were quick to point out the irony of Duggars offering marital advice:

“Was Josh treasuring Anna when he was on Ashley Madison? The only thing worth treasuring here is your hypocrisy,” wrote one commenter.

“You support the serial adulterer, thrice married sexual predator,” remarked another.

“You no longer get to decide what ‘godly’ means and you sure as hell don’t represent god. Have several seats, hypocrites.”

The Josh-related criticism has been louder than usual in recent weeks thanks to the Duggars’ efforts to reintroduce Josh to their fans.

Insiders have even speculated that Josh might return to TV during the current season of his family’s reality show.

It’s difficult to imagine the Duggars being so brazen, but all signs seem to point in that direction.

Josh has been appearing on his parents’ social media pages more than ever lately, and many fans believe it’s part of a slow acclimation process.

Hopefully, Jim Bob and Michelle will take incidents like this as a reminder that Josh will never be welcomed by the public.

But knowing them, they’ll probably keep right on forcing the issue.

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Source: celebweddings