If you watched last night’s episode of Counting On you know that the episode centered around the intensely awkward interaction between Jim Bob Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo.

As fans of the family know, Jinger and Jeremy got engaged back in July, but before that could happen, Jim Bob had to butt heads with the young man in his usual gross demonstration of ownership over his daughter.

Jimmy Bobby seemed to be tougher on Jeremy than the men who married Jill and Jessa Duggar, leading many to wonder if he disapproved of the young couple’s fondness for PDA.

“Jeremy and I have our own set of rules for the courtship, and our own standards that we desire,” Jessa said, explaining the couple’s couch-canoodling sessions.

To the astonishment of many fans, Jim Bob interrogated Jeremy in a scene that would make you think the guy was an atheist, or had a name that didn’t begin with a “J.”

At one point, Jim Bob indicated that Jeremy’s “modest pastor salary” would be insufficient to provide Jinger with the lifestyle JB feels she deserves.

He even suggested that Jeremy get a second job.

Strange talk coming from a guy who’s made a career out of preaching simplicity and humility.

Jim Bob’s attitude toward Jeremy and Jinger’s courtship has led many to wonder if he secretly disapproves of the relationship.

While Jeremy has many qualities that JB undoubtedly approves of (He’s a preacher; rocks a J name, doesn’t seem put scared off by the Josh Duggar sex scandals.), there are some things that might give the Duggar patriarch pause.

For starters, Jeremy is from a city (!) in the Northeast (!!!!!).

Philadelphia might be the birthplace of both Jeremy and American democracy, but as far as Jim Bob is concerned, cities that size are also the birthplace of (Church Lady voice time) SATAN!

On top of that, Jeremy is a former professional athlete, which means there’s a good chance he’s held hands with at least one other female.

If you know Jim Bob, you know the man ain’t tryin’ to hear dat.

Jim Bob claims that he approves of Jinger’s courtship, but there’s reason to believe otherwise.

We’ve already seen Jim Bob issue demands to Jeremy and treat his daughter like a hostage, now he’s suddenly concerned with Jeremy’s earning potential?

(Even though he knows the couple will live off reality TV cash?)

If Jim Bob is willing to let his guard down and admit to his obsession with material wealth, you know something is up.

Of course, there’s always the chance that this whole thing is just a ratings ploy.

The Duggars are desperate for some non-scandalous drama.

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