When we first learned that Joy-Anna Duggar had set a wedding date, it looked as though she and Austin Forsyth would be tying the knot in October.

It was an odd revelation, as it would mean that Joy-Anna and Austin would be engaged for nearly eight months, which is considerably longer than Duggars usually wait to tie the knot.

(You’d be in a hurry, too, if your pre-wedding physical contact was limited to hand-holding.)

So it didn’t come as much of a surprise when it was widely reported that Joy-Anna and Austin had moved the wedding up and would actually be tying the knot on May 20.

Now that the date has come and gone, fans have been left wondering:

Is Joy-Anna Duggar a married woman?

It’s a simple question, but as with so many Duggar-related matters, the answer is more complicated than one would initially suspect.

If Joy-Anna and Austin did make it legal over the weekend, it looks as though they’re keeping it to themselves.

You might think the lack of social media confirmation would mean that the wedding didn’t take place as rumored, but that’s not necessarily the case.

As the folks at In Touch point out, Joy-Anna and Austin’s joint bachelor/bachelorette party was held earlier this month, and family members traveled from far and wide to celebrate with a camping trip.

It seems unlikely that the young couple would make relatives travel to Tontitown twice, in two different parts of the year.

The rumors of a surprise May wedding originated on the Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page, the number one source for Duggar news on social media.

The page’s administrator says her source was adamant that the wedding would be taking place over the weekend.

Now, however, that same insider is strangely silent, but the page says it’s still possible that there was a Duggar wedding over the weekend, and points out that the family’s radio silence on social media is highly suspicious:

“The silence is deafening,” Pickles and Hairspray writes.

“My source may still get back to me…or not. I’ll let you know if she ever produces proof of a wedding happening this weekend but I really don’t see a reason for her to lie unless the people who were feeding her information were lying.”

Of course, as the page points out, there’s another possibility as well:

“My hope is that Joy actually did run and the wedding guests are too busy searching for her to post anything about the wedding.”

No doubt that unexpected twist would make some fans very happy.

Source: celebweddings