If you’re a fan of her family, then you’ve no doubt heard by now that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

Rebels like Jinger notwithstanding, Duggar women typically get pregnant shortly after tying the knot, so Joy is certainly doing what’s expected of her.

Of course, even Duggar families usually don’t expand quite this fast.

In fact, Joy announced her pregnancy so soon after getting married that fans began speculating she and Austin had exchanged vows in a “shotgun wedding.”

And it wasn’t just the timing that was suspicious.

The young couple gave Duggar obsessives plenty of reason to believe they may have engaged in premarital sex and then gone to great efforts to hide it.

For starters, Joy and Austin admitted to breaking “courtship rules” prior to their engagement.

Of course, with how strict her family is about sexual activity, that could’ve meant they held hands for a few seconds too long.

Adding fuel to the rumor fire was the fact that Joy and Austin moved their wedding up from October to May, leading many to the conclusion that they had something to hide.

These days, Joy is lying low on social media and hasn’t followed in her sisters’ footsteps by posting regular baby bump selfies.

All of this might just mean Joy isn’t as keen on sharing every detail of her first pregnancy as the other women in her family have been.

However, fans seem to favor a more scandalous explanation–namely, that Joy is lying low because she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s considerably further along than she’s supposed to be.

Whatever the case, many are now wondering if Joy will carry on the Duggar tradition of inviting a camera crew into the delivery room.

Not only have Joy’s older sisters Jill and Jessa given birth on camera, her mother, Michelle, allowed the birth of her youngest to be televised back in the 19 Kids and Counting days.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Joy has thus far remained mum on the subject.

Of course, she’s not saying much of anything on social media these days.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide if she’s keeping a secret or simply fed up with constant fan questions about her due date.

Watch Counting On online to relive Joy and Austin’s road to the altar.

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