Just when you thought the situation between Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin, and Briana DeJesus couldn’t get any messier …

Real quick though, why would you ever even think that?! Do you even know anything about these people?

Anyway, just when you thought things couldn’t get messier, Briana went and stirred the pot again with a very questionable Instagram post.

Here, let’s just break it all down …

1. Let’s Start at the Very Beginning …

Kailyn and Javi used to love each other once, believe it or not. A lot. They got married, had precious little baby Lincoln, but then things started to go bad because as much as they loved each other, they were never a great fit.

2. RIP, True Love

We may never know exactly what happened between them — at least not until they release that book they’re writing together! — but we do know that Kailyn filed for divorce at the end of 2015, just before he left for his deployment. They tried to work it things out for a long time, but it obviously just didn’t happen. When he returned home in the summer of 2016, things were clearly over between them.

3. All the Rumors

We’ve heard that she cheated on him, that he cheated on her, that they were both in relationships while still married because they both agreed it was over. We’ve heard that she divorced him because she told him didn’t want more kids and he did. We’ve heard just all sorts of things, and none of them are good.

4. Yikes

On recent seasons of Teen Mom 2, we’ve seen Javi break into the home he used to share with Kailyn, and she even resorted to getting an order of protection against him — something he thought was pretty silly. She eventually dropped the order because it made it too difficult for them to coparent, but obviously things were extremely tense between them.

5. Getting Better!

At some point this year though, things changed. After she dropped the protection order, they began getting along better. They both acknowledged that things were going good between them, which was so nice to see.

6. Here Comes Trouble

But then enter Briana.

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