By now, you’ve probably heard the rumors about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West getting divorced.

It’s the sort of speculation that’s haunted the Kardashian-Wests from the day they walked down the aisle, but this latest round of reports seemed to have some compelling evidence behind it.

We know that for a time Kim and Kanye were living in separate homes.

We know that Kim felt Kanye didn’t provide her with the support she needed after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris back in October.

And we know that Kanye’s increasingly erratic behavior and eventual hospitalization put further strain on his Kim’s marriage during what was already a tremendously difficult time.

But according to Khloe Kardashian, all is well and Kimye Land, and if her sister and brother-in-law don’t want to make the media rounds to spread the word, she’ll do it herself, dammit!

Actually, Khloe is doing the talk show circuit to promote her new spinoff du jour, but in exchange for all those hours of free advertising, she has to talk about stuff that people are actually interested in – like her family.

On James Corden last night, Khloe was asked about O.J. Simpson and she effectively did that thing where she dodged the question by acting annoyed at having to respond to a family scandal, even though she’s literally built a career on family scandals.

On the Today show this morning, Khloe was asked about her family’s ties to a slightly less psychotic icon (Kanye), and appropriately, she was slightly more forthcoming.

Asked whether the recent rash of family photos being posted to Kim and Kanye’s social media pages is the couple’s way of responding to rumors that they’re on the road to Splitsville, Khloe replies:

“I don’t think so.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the strength of her sister’s marriage.

Reluctantly, Khloe went on:

“There’s rumors — I mean, I’ve been pregnant for, I think, eight years now.

“I’m pregnant with triplets at this point! It’s like, rumor after rumor after rumor. We’ve just learned not to address them.”

She added:

“Oh, you know how rumors are! Tee-hee. Anyway, about my book, or whatever I’m here to promote – Oh, jeez, would you look at the time…”

She proceeded to throw a smoke bomb and was nowhere to be found when the smoke cleared.

Okay, we may have made that last bit up, but the fact remains – it’s very clear that Khloe either doesn’t want to talk about Kim and Kanye’s marriage, or she has little more of a clue about what’s going on there than we do.

Source: celebweddings