Kim Zolciak has found a way to distract people from her ridiculous cleavage.

The reality star shared something her four-year old son, Kash, brought home from school this week, bragging to her followers on Snapchat about all the things Kash loves about her dad.

For example, according to the following image of a school questionnaire, Kroy Biermann is 51 years old.

He likes to ride his four-wheeler. His favorite food is steak. His favorite drink is Sprite. His job is to play football.

And Kash loves his dad because “he lets me hold his real gun.”

Wait… WHAT?!?

Biermann lets his four-year old child hold his real gun? Moreover, this is something Zolciak wanted to tell her followers all about?

As you can see below, Kim wrote as a caption to the photo, “I [love] this!”

But social media users didn’t exactly feel the same way.

If Zolciak means that she loves seeing all the ways in which her son loves her husband, then, sure, absolutely. She ought to be proud and excited over this questionnaire.

Last year, you may recall, Kash dressed up in a military outfit and carried a fake gun for Halloween. He posted a picture of himself holding it toward the camera on his Instagram account.

(Yes, the four-year old has his own Instagram account.)

The picture earned Zolciak and her family a lot of backash, but apparently not enough.

Gun advocates here will likely say that it’s important for kids to learn gun safety as early in their lives as possible, and that much is true.

If parents know that their kids will be handling guns as they get older, then it’s definitely a good thing to make sure these children know what they’re doing.

But still. Four years old?!?

Zolciak and Biermann got married in November 2011.

Together, they share six kids – Brielle, 19, Ariana, 15, KJ, 5, Kash, 4, and 3-year-old twins Kane and Kaia.

(Zolciak had Brielle and Ariana from previous relationships; Biermann went on to adopt them.)

As you can see from the photos above, the couple is going very strong.

“This guy!! I love him to the moon and back!” wrote Kim as a caption to the above image, adding:

“When he hurts I hurt, when he’s happy I’m happy! He doesn’t even have to speak and I feel him! Thankful for this last week! Romantic and restful!!

“Now back to Filming a brand new season of Don’t be Tardy. I can’t believe this will be Season 6!”

Zolciak is no stranger to brewing up controversy when it comes to her kids.

Daughter Brielle Biermann has become her own viral sensation over the past several months, often flaunting her bikini body on Instagram and using her body to gain as many followers as possible.

She’s been egged on throughout by her famous mother.

But the real question is this: Is Zolciak really getting plastic surgery for her three-year old child?!?

Source: celebweddings