Season 12 of Little People, Big World ended with the birth of Tori and Zach Roloff’s son, Jackson.

It was a hugely emotional event and, obviously, fans and viewers adore Jackson almost as much as his family does.

Thanks to a sneak peek offered up by Tori Roloff, it now looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in Season 13. Because they’ve started filming again.

Thanks to improvements in technology, baby pictures may be way, way more common now than they used to be.

That doesn’t make them any less precious or any less treasured.

(Abundance doesn’t always depreciate the value, folks — each baby picture is unique; we’re not talking about sportsball cards, here)

In fact, something incredibly special about photos these days is that you can share them with the world.

Tori Roloff isn’t hiding Jackson away from fans and viewers.

Remember this super cute photo of Jackson Roloff at 3 months?

Admittedly, if we were going to do a photo surrounded by numbers like that, we’d have done them like a clock.

Jackson’s a little too young to cooperate by holding his hand pointed to the “3” as if it were the hand of a clock, but whatever. We can dream.

She was going for a rectangular image, here, and the photo is super adorable so we’ll stop nitpickily musing about the photo that might have been.

(Babies are cute, okay? They’re so precious and soft and every experience is brand new for them)

Well, Tori shared a short video to her Instagram story.

First, we get to see the very latest photo of Jackson:

For a split second, Tori panned her phone over to show that cameras were set up.

We’re talking about a TV crew.

Which probably means that she’s filming Season 13 of Little People, Big World.

And that she’s bringing Jackson along.

Now, maybe she was just bringing him along because she’s his mom.

Like, she appears on camera for what’s essentially a confessional moment and Jackson’s there because he likes being in his mom’s presence and she can comfort him if he needs anything.

But many fans are very hopeful that they’ll get to see a lot more of Jackson and even get to, within reason, watch him grow up.

Realistically, we don’t think that they’re going to hide Jackson from the cameras.

He’s a baby, so he’s going to be around his parents and also his grandparents, obviously.

(Jackson and his grandma take cute pictures together)

Editing him out sounds pointless and a like a total pain (just as, it’s been said, editing family black sheep Jacob Roloff out of some scenes from Molly’s wedding has been less than fun).

Recently, there’s been hope that Jacob Roloff might return to the show.

He’s apparently done some growing up since he raged against his family’s series.

Sometimes things like a wedding and becoming an uncle can change a person.

(He’s about to be even more of an uncle, as Audrey Roloff is due soon — at the end of August!)

Between Season 13 filming and the very real possibility of Jackson getting plenty of screentime, fans of Little People, Big World have a lot to look forward to.

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