On Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 3 Episode 7, Teairra dealt with legal issues, while A1 and Lyrica’s housewarming party went poorly.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 3 Episode 7 began with Ray J lamenting the wedding planning process as he prepares to wed Princess Love.

Max Boyd tells him that his wife, Brandi Boyd, went off on him when she found out that he was working with Masika Kalysha on a song.

Ray J says that once he’s married, his foolproof plan is for girls not to dress suggestively around him. That will keep him out of trouble for sure.

Alas, for the man who directed and starred in the “back half” of the Kim Kardashian sex tape, that may be over-simplifying the situation.

Just saying. His rep precedes him for a reason.

Teairra Mari, for her part, is trying to get her career back up and running, but feels her reputation as a bad girl is ruining things for her.

Her friend says people are always asking why she’s so crazy; Teairra promises to leave the drama behind her and focus on her career.

Easier said than done? We shall see.

Later in the show, Teairra, Nikki Mudarris and Shanda Denyce celebrate Nikki’s birthday and begin discussing Teairra’s legal drama.

Teairra’s fight with an Uber driver a few years ago could land her in jail for up to 30 days or even six months if she happened to be convicted.

Nikki suggests Teairra cut back on her drinking. That would be a good piece of advice for an intelligent person, but who says she’ll take it.

Princess, meanwhile, brings an officiant to the bike store and offers to get married there, as a means of proving a point to our man Ray J.

Her point is that he’s not into wedding planning.

Ray J says no way, and he will start helping. Lyrica and A1, meanwhile, are going through some s–t and it’s spilling over to their families.

Lyrica G, and A1’s mom, Pam, are fighting.

The beef between the moms became so much that they decided to elope with no one there to ruin it, and now it’s time for a little reception.

At which they’ll tell their moms that they’re married.

This went over about as well as you’d expect when you watch Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood online. Words were exchanged and then some.

As soon as Lyrica and A1 reveal their happy news, Lyrica’s mom throws her glass on the ground and starts berating the s–t out of them.

Good times. Follow the links above to see it unfold.

It will be worth it if you’re a fan, trust us. We just suggest that before you do, you grab the nearest hat and hold the f–k onto that thing.

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