Maci Bookout’s former lover Ryan Edwards is engaged to Mackenzie Standifer, but it turns out his fiancee has some baggage of her own.

If and when they walk down the aisle … it won’t be the first time!

Mackenzie Standifer, 20, got married to her own baby daddy, Zachary Stephens, in September 2013, when she was five months pregnant.

She filed for divorce on July 13, 2016, according to Radar.

“Plaintiff is entitled to an absolute divorce on the grounds of inappropriate marital conduct,” the final decree of couple’s divorce read.

“Mackenzie Stephens is hereby granted an absolute divorce from [Zachary] and the parties restored to all rights and privileges of unmarried persons.”

All of that is pretty standard … but does Ryan know?!

Standifer maintained ownership of her 2015 Ford Mustang in the divorce, while her ex was awarded his 1994 Jeep Wrangler. Even trade.

The parties were both responsible for individual debts.

Mackenzie’s divorce was finalized on November 10 of this year, and as for the most important takeaway from this revelation by far?

Standifer was granted primary custody of their son.

Stephens was ordered to pay $503 monthly in child support for Hudson; Ryan Edwards of course, is dad to Maci’s first child Bentley.

Ryan had only been with his girlfriend for a couple of months, but things went great from the start, and he proposed to her this month.

“Getting married,” he captioned a photo of her engagement ring at Waffle House (that’s where the photo was posted, not where he asked).

As you know if you watch Teen Mom OG online, Maci and Ryan have had their moments over the years, but are in a good place now.

In fact, he was a guest at her nuptials, and as his plus one when Bookout married Taylor McKinney, Mackenzie actually caught the bouquet.

Guess they took the traditional meaning of that to heart!

More importantly, Bookout openly praised Standifer at her wedding for being a wonderful second mother figure to her first-born child.

“I am so happy that when [Bentley] is with you, you can be his mother and treat him like your own child,” Bookout said in a deleted scene.

“I just want to let you know I really, really appreciate you.”

Maci added that “All I ever wanted was for Ryan to find someone that makes him happy and who will treat my son, as their own child.”

“So,” she told her, “we are both his mother.”

Pretty amazing turnaround from years past, and even from earlier this year, when Ryan was killing cats for kicks and possibly on drugs.

Dude was even kicked out of his parents’ house at one point, though he appears to have made things right with mom and dad as well.

All is right with the Teen Mom world?

Source: celebweddings