At long last, it is over between Kirk Frost and Rasheeda Frost.

Following several months of rumors and innuendos, along with near-confirmation that Kirk both cheated on her and impregnated his mistress, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star has finally seen the light.

Appearing on radio show Dish Nation on Monday, Rasheeda revealed to hosts Gary with da Tea and Porsha Williams that she and Kirk are taking a long break.

“We’re separated, and we’re working on making sure that we’re doing everything that we need to do for our family,” she said.

Rasheeda and Kirk share two kids together, a  four-year old son named Karter and a 16-year old son named Ky.

“We are parenting very well,” the VH1 star added, emphasizing of herself and her estranged husband:

“We have good communication. Two people trying to figure out the best thing to do for our children as far as making them comfortable, as far as him and I, that’s just what it is.”

News of this couple’s split really should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been following their saga on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

A significant portion of last season was dedicated to the rumor that Kirk knocked up Jasmine Washington.

The star himself denied fathering Washington’s son, who was born last summer, while many wondered whether this storyline was concocted by producers because Jasmine was suddenly a full-time cast member on the series this past spring.

Whether or not Kirk cheated on Rasheeda with Washington, however, there’s no denying the fact that he has cheated on Rasheeda in the past.

Frost himself has admitted as much.

Still, Rasheea had stood by her man.

“Rasheeda should be able to see through his excuses but with Kirk she never sees clearly,” an insider told Hollywood Life in July, adding at the time:

“At the end of the day, she wants so badly to believe him.

“She still can’t wrap her head around him having a baby behind her back, she just can’t accept that he would lie to her that way.”

Will the Frosts ever reconcile?

You never know. They have been married for 17 years. That’s a very long time and strong feelings linger.

“I love Rasheeda to death,” Kirk said on the show’s reunion special this summer. “That is my soulmate. When you get yourself in a situation, you just get there. I just pray that it gets better.”

He’ll need to do a lot more than pray at this point.

He’ll need to buy out every florist in the area… and then some!

You stay strong and you do you, Rasheeda. You deserve better.

Source: celebweddings