Troubled Teen Mom OG cast member Ryan Edwards is getting married to Mackenzie Standifer this weekend, according to a new report.

It can’t be any more awkward than last time.

Back in May, as you clearly remember (how could you ever forget if you watch Teen Mom OG online), Ryan and Mackenzie made it official.

The only witnesses:

Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, an MTV film crew and millions of viewers at home who saw some disturbing dashcam footage.

As Ryan Edwards drove high to his own wedding, fans were up in arms over how Mackenzie – or the network – could ever permit that.

Before Standifer pulled the plug on the dashcam, Ryan could be seen driving the car while so out of it he seemed barely awake at times.

Not surprisingly, observers widely questioned the validity (or at least the sanity) of the bizarre parking lot wedding that followed soon after.

Edwards, who shares son Bentley with Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout, felt his efforts to win more custody would be aided by a marriage.

The logic of that assertion is debatable.

Even before his image was hurt by the MTV clip in question, the argument was flimsy, but it was allegedly why they rushed the nuptials.

Then Mackenzie blamed Maci for almost killing Ryan (not literally, but indirectly through her actions) and the whole thing was just a mess.

If Standifer and Edwards’ union got off to a rough start, it got worse, with Edwards busted sending d–k pics on Tinder to random girls.

And yet, six months later, they have weathered the storm, and according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, are ready to do it up right:

They’re getting hitched on Saturday!

Ryan and Mackenzie will be saying “I do” (again) in their hometown of Chattanooga, Tenn., with actual guests there to see it this time.

Unlike their first ceremony, Ryan’s son Bentley and Mackenzie’s son Hudson, as well as a bridal party, will watch them exchange vows.

Yes, MTV will film round two as well.

“They will be filming at the wedding, and a crew has been there capturing the pre-wedding stuff too,” The Ashley’s source tells the site.

“For awhile [production] wasn’t sure if Ryan and Mackenzie would allow the wedding to be filmed,” apparently, given their recent history.

“They declined to come to Los Angeles to film the special with the rest of the cast in October, and some other things. But they are filming it.”

It’s not clear if Maci Bookout will be attending, though there’s no doubt Maci’s reactions to the wedding will be a major topic this season.

Mackenzie and Ryan, as we said, have been struggling in their marriage after Edwards was released from rehab and going on Tinder.

While newlywed Ryan trying to bang other girls technically doesn’t concern her, it’s no shock that Maci feels he can’t be trusted as a result.

That incident, of course, opened up a can of worms, with Bookout and Edwards feuding and Ryan and Mackenzie on the brink of divorce.

At one point, Ryan even blocked Mackenzie’s number and told members of the crew and production team that he planned to file for divorce.

Didn’t happen, though.

To the surprise of many fans, Standifer stood by Edwards‘ side, even in the wake of what had to be a most humiliating ordeal. 

While Standifer made a grand public display of loyalty to Edwards with the photo above, she was clearly reeling – and furious.

She called out one of the recipients of Ryan’s naked photos, urging her to cease communication with her husband or else.

“Please stop playing dumb. … I know everything,” Standifer told Ryan’s Tinder girl, further instructing her, “I want you to stop.”

When the Tinder match, whose photos have not been released, asked what she would like her to “stop,” Standifer threatened:

“Guess we will have to do this the hard way.”

It’s not clear what that means, or how Mackenzie dealt with her – or Ryan for that matter. But clearly things have progressed positively.

Just a short time, later, the Teen Mom couple has evidently worked through their issues and the (second) wedding is just days away.

Think they’ll go through with it – and it’ll last?

Comment below … and stay tuned.

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