Well, goldarn, everybody, get ready to choke on your chewing tobacco and give a big ol’ hearty “Yeehaw!”, because do we have some news for you!

Sugar Bear, AKA Mike Thompson, AKA Honey Boo Boo’s father?

He’s gettin’ hitched, y’all!

If it seems kind of sudden, that’s because it is: he’s only been with his betrothed, 43-year-old Jennifer Lamb, since last December, and he and Mama June kept up their tantalizing “will they or won’t they?” thing until as recently as this February.

But sometimes when you know, you know, and it seems like Sugar Bear and Jennifer here just know.

Jennifer was kind enough to confirm the engagement to Radar, but she wouldn’t open up on all the details of their future wedding.

You’re heartbroken, we know.

Don’t worry though, because one of those lovable sources was able to dish about the relationship.

“Jennifer is super sweet and treats Mike so well,” the insider revealed. “They are very happy together.”

And you know it’s true, because good ol’ Jennifer gushed about Mike on Facebook just recently.

“He is a great dad to his daughter,” she wrote. “He is also a great man to my son and a fantastic role model for him also.”

“He works hard to provide for us and will do anything in his reach to help out anyone else, regardless of the time of day.”

Unfortunately, things might not be as great as Sugar Bear and Jennifer would have us believe. And isn’t that always the way?

According to Facebook, these two crazy kids made their relationship official on December 26th, 2015. But then, on December 31st, Sugar Bear shared a photo of a liquor bottle and tagged some lady named Angel in it.

The mysterious Angel commented on the photo and said that she loved him — scandalous! — and Mike responded with “And I love you Angel and I don’t care who knows or sees this post.”

And if that wasn’t sketchy enough, the infamous Mama June joined in the conversation.

“Lol I hope yall work out but u told me this ain’t the new girl it’s a girl that lives in Danville that angel was just a friend just like that girl u had in your bed the other night watching movies with that had at your house.”

“So be real with all these girls and stop playing them like u done me for yrs.”

Is it hard to figure out what exactly Mama June is trying to say here? Yes.

Is it clear that she’s trying to call Sugar Bear out for juggling multiple ladies at the same time? Also yes.

This doesn’t really come as a surprise, since Sugar Bear admitted to cheating on Mama June while they were together.

During their time on Marriage Boot Camp, a counselor even told them that he suffered from sex addiction.

Hopefully in the time since we’ve last seen Sugar Bear, he’s been able to work on his issues, and he’s able to stay committed to Jennifer here.

We’re not going to hold our breath though.

Source: celebweddings