This week on Teen Mom: OG, Catelynn lamented giving up her daughter for adoption, and Amber suffered a huge breakdown … again.

Meanwhile, rumors of Ryan Edwards’ drug use continued and Farrah Abraham … well, one never knows what to make of Farrah Abraham.

The focal point of Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 9 was a trip to Puerto Rico for Catelynn Lowell’s birthday. Everyone was invited!

Well, except for Farrah Abraham who deliberately wasn’t.

Maci Bookout commented that “the only important people on the show” were attending. Call the fire department, someone got burned!

Catelynn then summed up the snub this way: “I’m sure everyone’s gonna wonder why didn’t Farrah go? It’s ’cause she wasn’t invited.”

That pretty much clears it up. Thank you, Cate.

In Puerto Rico, the “important people” promptly delved into personal drama, such as whether Maci’s ex Ryan Edwards is on drugs.

It’s a real concern, and Amber Portwood has been down a similar, dark road enough times to spot this problem a mile away.

“Ryan’s f–ked up. I watch it. I see it.”

“I know it. Where he’s at right now, when I see him, I know where he’s at and I’m just like, ‘Wow, he needs some guidance.'”

Maci, who on last week’s Teen Mom OG said she wanted to get Ryan’s parents involved, said everyone is in denial about his battle.

“What I’m saying is that everyone else around him is too afraid of what it will look like more than his health,” said Bookout.

“Absolutely, it’s all denial. They all know.”

“Honestly, the hardest thing is for me to see Ryan not love himself because he is a person worth loving. He deserves to love himself.”

Bookout then broke down in tears and revealed her fear that Ryan will die of substance abuse and leave Bentley fatherless.

“I’m just sick of cleaning up his mess. I get tired of dealing with the s–t. Just being the only one that f–ing sees everything and cares.”

“I talk to Taylor about it like, ‘I wonder if today’s going to be the day that Ryan does something that he can’t come back from?'”

Maci married Taylor McKinney, with whom she has two additional children, in 2016. Her confession had an impact on Catelynn.

Lowell teared up and had to leave the table, while her husband, Tyler Baltierra, clarified that Catelynn still struggles with PPD.

Not just from Nova’s recent birth, but Catelynn feels guilty for giving up Carly for adoption years earlier, her spouse revealed.

“She’s got a lot of guilt,” Tyler said.

Cate often thinks about how she “could have a 7, 8-year-old running around,” Baltierra said, and this can be simply unbearable.

After opening up about her father’s death, Amber Portwood also stormed off crying, telling a producer, “That man stayed alive.”

“Told me he was waiting for me to get married and s–t … I said I was gonna get married before my dad died and that never happened.”

Matt Baier reminded her that she told him about their engagement; Amber and Matt actually getting married remains a murky prospect.

Meanwhile, Farrah was off to South By Southwest to discuss her various business endeavors (she has a surprising amount of them).

She also discussed her dating life.

After being interviewed about her businesses at SXSW, the Teen Mom firebrand asked a reporter, “Can you hook me up on a date?”

Asked what type of guy she might be interested in, the mom of one responded reasonably, saying, “Founder, badass, Forbes 500.”

Simon Saran doesn’t qualify?!

“I wanna be in L.A. but I love Austin, too,” she told her friend about her future plans, which no doubt involve conquering the world.

Asked about her prior plan to move to San Diego with Simon, Farrah responded, “I feel like I’d get more work done in L.A.” 

Of course. Everyone moves to Los Angeles because it’s a bastion of productivity. She’s really going places, this girl …

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