Monday on the season finale of Teen Mom OG, the sad truth was told about Ryan Edwards’ wedding, as well as Matt Baier’s past … again.

Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham feuded with her mom Debra over her fiance (again), and Catelynn and Tyler landed their dream home.

When Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 13 got underway, Maci Bookout expressed her deep concerns over her ex’s substance abuse.

Again. She told a friend regarding Ryan Edwards:

“He’s an addict. He doesn’t care about anything.”

Meanwhile, Ryan’s fiancee Mackenzie Standifer spoke with a minister who agreed to marry her and Ryan … that very same day.

Why the quickie wedding? She explained to an MTV producer he had met with a lawyer “to get his rights to Bentley legalized.”

Obviously, he’s not marrying Bentley’s mother, but the attorney felt it would help Ryan’s efforts to be married to his girlfriend.

And so they did … but it was not a joyous affair.

On the way to their own ceremony, Mackenzie had to make a few attempts to straighten out the steering wheel for Ryan, asking him:

“Why are you swerving?”

He answered, appearing semi-dazed, “My eyes, babe, in the sunlight I can’t keep ’em open.” Then he appeared to fall asleep, practically.

Mackenzie asked Ryan, “Did you take Xanax again?” Edwards swore on Bentley’s life that he had not. Standifer didn’t believe him.

At the ceremony, Ryan appeared more alert, though the small and bittersweet wedding literally involved only his parents, Jen and Larry.

Ryan’s mother wept about how the “important people” (most notably Bentley) were present; Edwards says they’re not going to tell him.

Very sad all around.

Meanwhile, Amber Portwood had Matt Baier take a polygraph test amid lingering doubts that her shady fiance remained faithful to her.

The image above tells you all you need to know, doesn’t it? Ironically, Baier passed when it came to questions about if he had cheated.

Sort of. Sexual relations or sexual contact? He’s in the clear. But when it came to making “sexual advances” to someone … he failed.

Amber stormed out in tears, thinking of her daughter: “What about Leah? How do I explain this to her? How do I explain this to her?”

When Matt tried to calm her down, Portwood was not having it, calling him names and reminded him of how she helped him financially.

“Trash! Trash!” Amber yelled at him.

“I got you money! I got you deals! Who the f–k are you laughing at? F–k you! Sexual advances? You tried to f–k her!” Portwood continued.

Reflecting on her young daughter again, she lamented, “What is she going to say to me? I wasted seven years of my life with a man.”

“Then I wasted three years of my life,” she said.

“My teenage years and my 20s. Is it me?”

We live and learn. It would only be a waste if she went back to Matt after this, so at least she can go forward and put this behind her.

Oh, wait. Despite calling off her wedding to Matt, there’s no evidence that the two are actually broken up for good, even now!

Kind of incredible, honestly.

In Michigan, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra placed a bid on a home they were interested in buying, and heard back that their bid was accepted.

Alright!! That’s awesome for them!

The most awesome part, though, is not the house, but the fact that we’re talking about a house purchase and not them splitting up.

With the way things were going for a time, you cannot take that for granted, so we’re thrilled that they’re on more solid footing of late.

Finally, Farrah Abraham was at odds with her mother’s fiancé, David, after she became frustrated that he wouldn’t try to get to know her.

Simon Saran called David out on Twitter this week (obviously), so clearly there’s not a lot of love lost between would-be Farrah in-laws.

Stay tuned for the troll’s next tirade.

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