Barry Allen and Iris West have been through a lot during the last three years, and just when they managed to right the ship, Barry had to leave for six months. 

On The Flash Season 4 Episode 2, the pair questioned their relationship and whether they would be able to make it work as a full-fledged couple. 

Just when it appeared that things were returning to normal, Iris learned that Barry had gone out of his way to speed through her wedding planning for her. 

At S.T.A.R. Labs, things got more strained for the couple when Iris found out that Barry had ditched a training session and did not think to ask her about it. This annoyed Iris because she felt like they were drifting apart. 

Caitlin opened up to Iris about her and Ronnie going to couples counseling when they started working together, but Iris did not want to hear it. 

As the day went on and Barry ignored advice from his wife-to-be, Iris dropped the bomb that they had an appointment thirty minutes later. The root of the problem was that Barry went into the speed force without consulting her. 

Barry opined that if she asked him to stay, he would have and it would have just made things worse. The whole shrink session only served to make the couple stronger and claimed that, “We are The Flash.” 

How romantic. 

Barry and Iris may have solved their issues, but Gypsy was not impressed with Cisco because he kept blowing off their dates for work. 

Gypsy had a reason to be mad: On her version of Earth, it was “1-1-1 Day” which meant two become one, or something. Cisco did get the opportunity to make it up to his girl. 

He went all out for a beautiful, romantic dinner that we even wanted to attend. 

The team went up against “Kilgore” who was going after all of the people who stole his crazy malware. The villain managed to get one up on Barry because Cisco added some changes to the suit. 

Kilgore managed to hack and control it. Iris said it would be best for Barry to shock himself to short circuit the suit, thus, allowing him to eke out a victory against the villain. 

Barry did so and crept up on the meta with a cure for his virus. Kilgore revealed that there was plenty more of him to come. 

The Thinker and The Mechanic then confirmed they were out to find all 12 of them. Yes, Barry and the team should be worried!

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