Now it makes sense why Jules Wainstein is leaving The Real Housewives of New York City:

She wants to get as far away from Bethenny Frankel as humanly possible.

And we can’t blame her, not after Wednesday night’s display.

On part two of the show’s annual reunion special, Frankel took aim at Wainstein, insulting her marriage, her integrity and even her religion.

The barrage of endless insults was rather impressive, really.

It started after viewers watched a highlight reel of Jules and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Michael, which prompted Jules to get teary-eyed and claim that her marriage over the past decade was nothing like the mess the series depicted it to be this season. 

What happened between the two?

“I can’t really talk about it,” Wainstein said.

But Frankel was happy to do so!

She claimed that anonymous “mutual friends” had told her that Jules had signed a prenup and was “going on the show to get divorced.”

Wait… huh? Can you expound, Bethenny?

Actually, please do not, Dorinda Medley said.

“You’re hurting her!” Dorinda told Bethenny “She doesn’t want to talk about it, Bethenny. Respect that.”

So that topic was dropped… but then a new one emerged.

Once the topic of Jules’ eating issues came up, Bethenny mentioned how she saw her mother struggled with a disorder as a child and, well, this means Jules is a terrible Jewish person.

“I don’t think that you represented a positive side of being Jewish at all,” Bethenny hilariously said, prior to listing things Jules had done.

Such as: bragging about hiring a woman to potty train her child for a $2,000 fee and asking her nanny if she would wait in line at a sample sale.

Frankel even came and said Jules was making a mockery of Judaism.

“You can’t say that!” Sonja snapped.

“I can do whatever I want, Sonja,” Bethenny replied.

HA! We loved it.

We also loved the discussion of Luann and Tom, especially how the former insists on standing by the latter.

No matter what.

Luann said she “knew in the first week” that she would marry Tom, even though the impending marriage will strip her of her countess title.

What about the romantic gestures Tom made toward Ramona, which she was all too happy to recount? Such as the specific restaurants they went to and how they played pool?

Sonja then said that while this romance had been going on, she had also been seeing Tom.

Heck, “I’m single now,” Jules quipped. “Maybe I’m going to get to date Tom!”

But Luann didn’t care about Tom’s past or his lying. She didn’t even care when Ramona showed her an old picture of her hand with a heart drawn on the palm, along with her and Tom’s initials.

Clearly, a lot more had gone on there than Tom had claimed.

“She doesn’t know what a lie is because she lies so much!” Carole screamed, while Bethenny called Luann “Lie-ann.”

“Back off!” Luann snapped before calling Sonja “delusional.”

After Sonja made it pretty clear she had slept with Tom many times, Luann had had enough.

“We are soul mates, and we are getting married,” she said very simply.

Anyone care to wager on how quickly they get divorced?

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