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Antigua and Barbuda The beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water and endless horizon make Antigua and Barbuda the perfect location for your destination wedding. if you love the sand and the sea you won't be disappointed.

Australia  (2)

Australia is home to beautiful, exotic beaches and boasts some of the world’s most spectacular natural land formations as well as beautiful, exotic beaches. The sandy shores and lush green spaces of the Land Down Under make it a perfect location for your destination wedding. Not to mention, the marriage process is quite simple for international couples

Bahamas  (2)

From gorgeous views, warm waters and fresh exotic dishes, the Bahamas are the perfect destination for your wedding away from home. After the lovely ceremony, jump right into the honeymoon and visit one of the local resorts, scuba dive in the clear ocean or simply relax on a pristine beach.

Brazil  (2)

Brazil is the perfect sunny location for your beautiful wedding. One of the most sought after destinations in Brazil is the city of Rio De Janeiro, a lively and vibrant city with gorgeous white beaches, samba clubs and lavish theaters. This city is also home of the famous Christ the Redeemer atop the Corcovado mountains. You and your guests will surely enjoy this historic sight as well as the stunning architecture and marvelous food Brazil has to offer.

Canada  (6)

Canada may not be your typical destination wedding site, but it’s certainly overflowing with breathtaking scenic views that will make your special day one for the record books. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise far in the Banff National Park of Alberta combines open-air splendor mixed with modern and traditional style. In Vancouver, the Vandusen Botanical Gardens sit on over 50 acres of charming landscape abounding in floral magnificence

Cuba  (2)

Cuba is beautiful island in the Caribbean that is known for its vibrant culture and luxurious beaches. Just an hour’s flight from Florida, the capital city of Havana is a bustling urban center with a captivating night life and authentic cuisine. Recently opened to foreign travel, Cuba is a perfect destination for your wedding.

Cyprus  (6)

The Mediterranean isle of Cyprus is not only surrounded by beautiful landscape in all directions, it is also a destination steeped in the culture of ancient civilizations. Historic ruins, breathtaking beaches, pine-laden mountains, and plush valleys all add to the beauty of this rich cultural center. Whether you get married along the island’s coast or at one of the plentiful vineyards, your wedding will be a memorable experience in Cyprus.

France  (2)

France is the most dazzling country for two star-crossed lovers. The capital of France is Paris, which has been labeled the “City of Love.” Along the coast, Cannes is filled with beaches for stunning weddings. Other cities along the French Riviera provide equally beautiful views and romantic environments.

Greece  (3)

Greece is a popular choice for couples looking for the perfect destination wedding in a warm and hospitable place. Whether choosing a picturesque site across the mainland or opting for one of the many beach-haven islands, Greece is the ultimate Mediterranean wonderland.

Iceland  (2)

Iceland is the perfect destination for outdoor and nature lovers to get married. Have your wedding in front of active volcanos or in the busy capital of Reykjavik where there are spectacular views. After your nuptials, jump right into the honeymoon and explore the thriving villages or exotic landscapes.

Ireland  (14)

Located off the coast of Great Britain, Ireland is a green destination aptly nicknamed the Emerald Isle. With lavish, green rolling hills and distinctive castles, Ireland is picture-perfect for a fairy-tale wedding. The capital city of Dublin holds medieval architectural treasures such as Dublin Castle and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Italy  (6)

`Italy is a beautiful and romantic location for your destination wedding. The capitol city of Rome is home to the Vatican and also provides a gorgeous backdrop with its ancient ruins. The Mediterranean climate and vineyards of Tuscany are rustic, while the high-fashion city of Milan gives off a chic city vibe.

Jamaica  (2)

Jamaica is famous for its beaches and is the perfect location for a beach wedding. It's definitely one of the more popular locations in the Caribbean.

Maldives  (1)

Planing the ultimate destination wedding has a few key ingredients: coral, beaches, and sunshine. The stunning coastlines of the Maldives feature a variety of resorts and water activities that allow the happy couple to step into their perfect honeymoon only seconds after saying, "I Do".

Malta  (2)

Malta is a beautiful island nation in the Mediterranean sea perfect for a destination wedding. Steeped in history, Malta offers sightseeing of ancient artifacts and landmarks. Picturesque beaches allow for water sports such as windsurfing, as well as relaxation and rejuvenation.

Mauritius  (2)

Mauritius- the land of coral and sea- offers great locations for a destination wedding. On this Indian Ocean island, paradise can be found on all four corners. Whether happy couples are searching for a sandy beach bach or a green foliage-filled ceremony, Mauritius is the place to tie the knot.

Mexico  (6)

South of the border is an exceptional vacation spot. Destination weddings are prevalent in Mexico for a reason. Beaches like Playa Del Carmen hold the potential for magical experiences under the sun. Latin cuisine, music, and dancing along the coast of the Riviera Maya or in the heart of the city like Guadalajara make for a unique cultural experience.
New Zealand

New Zealand  (2)

The New Zealand landscape is characterized by scenic boldness. Broken into two vastly different islands, the country is a prime location for a destination wedding. Mountains and valleys make up the bulk of the majestic south island, while the north is characterized by gloriously green hills and fields.

Portugal  (3)

Portugal offers the perfect European destination for your wedding. Illustrious mountains and seascapes grace the terrain and can provide a beautiful backdrop for your perfect day. The capital city of Lisbon is a friendly metropolis, filled with architectural wonders like the Jeronimos Monastery and the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. With the variety Portugal delivers, loving couples can decide if they want to watch dolphins or play 18 holes of golf.
Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia  (2)

Saint Lucia is the dreamiest location for your perfect destination wedding. Complete with beautiful white beaches, exotic reefs and fascinating rain forests, Saint Lucia has everything you need for an incredibly romantic ceremony and honeymoon right within the watered borders of the island.

Seychelles  (2)

Those seeking a tropical destination for their wedding need look no further than the Seychelles; dotted with over 100 islands, this is the place of which fantasies are comprised. Couples will find the perfect blue water whispers "come hither", while the regal churches and cathedrals appeal to your more spiritual side.
South Africa

South Africa  (2)

South Africa is the unique and exotic destination for your wedding. Durban Ballito and the beaches of kwaZulu-Natal Coast averages over 300 days of sunshine a year, making a perfect spot to hold the ceremony! Not to mention the exotic animal habitats and culture that you can experience during your visit.

Spain  (2)

With beaches dotted in crystalline sand, monuments that punctuate the horizon and endless sun, Spain is an idyllic destination for a romantic wedding.
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka  (2)

Sri Lanka presents the perfect meshing of brilliant beaches, ancient cities, and stunning green foliage from tea plantations, making it a great place for a destination wedding. Couples have many venue and style options, ranging from a traditional Sri Lankan religious ceremony to moonlit "I Do's" on a pristine beach.
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago is a romantic destination for couples. Located in the Caribbean, this dual-island nation is a haven for striking plant and wildlife and a stunning beaches. The Calypso and Soca music played by the locals can be the perfect soundtrack for your wedding. Reserve your island adventure as you prepare for a lifetime of happiness!
United Kingdom With a variety of scenic landscapes and venues to to meet anyone's taste, the United Kingdom sits near the top of any destination wedding list. From castles and rolling hills to priories and world-class halls, the UK provides the perfect blend of old world high class and modern natural chic.
United States

United States  (16)

The United States is the perfect place to get married. Whether you want a bustling metropolis with towering skyscrapers or you prefer the tranquillity of a lake in Yellowstone, the United States has it all. If that doesn't peak your interest and you would like a more destination wedding, the wonderful state of Hawaii is ready for you. From the beach to the mountains, the United States is the perfect place to get married.

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