Not all of the obstacles on 90 Day Fiance come from bureaucratic red tape or judgmental parents or lack of financing. A lot of issues arise when people haven’t been up front about their past.

There’s a lot going on with Molly and Luis, but the more that we learn about these two, the more concerns we have. Especially when it comes to Molly Hopkins and her newly exposed criminal history.

We know that every couple on 90 Day Fiance is unique, but … is Molly the new Danielle Mullins?

We know that it’s harder to keep up with new 90 Day Fiance couples than it is with the ones we’ve had years to get to know, so here’s a bit of a reminder about Molly and Luis.

Molly is 41 and comes from Woodstock, Georgia. Originally from Atlanta.

Molly was also a star of the reality series Double Divas for two seasons.

Luis, who is only 26, is from Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.

It was in the DR that Luis and Molly met and eventually fell in love.

Molly and some of her friends were on a trip, Luis was bartending. It was a classic cougar-meets-boy romance.

Separated by a 15-year age gap and by nationality, they’re letting the 90 Day Fiance cameras follow them as they undergo the K-1 visa process.

But the couple faces other challenges.

For one thing, Molly has two daughters — not, in and of itself, a challenge. But her older daughter, Olivia, does not seem to be a fan of Luis or of the idea of him becoming her new stepdad.

(A stepdad who was only 12 when she was born? That’s not always a bad thing, but we can see why she might balk at it)

Molly’s father is also not convinced that Luis is right for her. He believes that Luis is just using Molly for her resources or citizenship or both.


On Sunday’s episode, Luis finally made it to Cougartown.

Wait, sorry … we mean to America. And into the embrace of Molly Hopkins.

Molly had to get her daughter, Olivia, to drive her to the airport.

Now, there are plenty of folks who can’t or don’t drive for a variety of reasons, but it’s only natural that fans wondered why Molly had to rely upon her daughter for this.

As it turns out, there’s a very good reason:

Molly Hopkins’ criminal history doesn’t really portray her as the best or safest driver.

This photo is only one of the mugshots that Molly Hopkins has accumulated.

Starcasm, bless them, did some digging, and came up with a list of Molly Hopkins’ arrests.

In 2008, Molly Hopkins was charged with possession of marijuana.

It was a misdemeanor charge, involving less than an ounce of the naughty plant that is, don’t forget, still illegal in many US states.

Molly’s May 2012 DUI arrest involved accusations of speeding and improperly changing lanes. But … we’re mostly concerned about the DUI.

In November of 2012, Molly had another mugshot taken, but records aren’t clear on why that happened … except that she was booked in a courtroom. She may have appeared in order to address the DUI.

In June of 2016, Molly was pulled over for speeding.

The officer administered a breathalyzer test and, well, she got another DUI.

Molly pleaded guilty and was sentenced to “72 hours in jail, two years of probation, and 240 hours of community service.”

(That sounds like Paul isn’t the only 90 Day Fiance star who is currently on shock probation)

But … what happened to Molly’s license?

She had two DUIs within the same 5 year span, and had to surrender her vehicle tags.

Which she did.

Now, all reality shows (just about) are filmed months in advance, so Molly filed for an early end to her probation in July and, in August, her wish was granted. She is still subject to random drug testing and may not have any alcohol in her house.

(To our horror, we just realized that Molly and Luis may have to have a dry wedding, if they make it to the altar. So Molly’s friends and family will be punished for her mistakes)

Starcasm notes that Molly had four non-DUI speeding tickets on top of all of this, which is probably more than most people get within their lives. That’s cause for concern, right?

Still, this kind of shady past isn’t quite the same Danielle Mullins’ criminal background, is it?

Just because she’s an older woman of means with children and Luis is a twenty-something younger man whom many suspect of looking for an easy route to American citizenship doesn’t mean that these two are the next Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali.

But … let’s keep our eyes open.

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