As you surely know by now, Amber Portwood is pregnant with her second child.

It is not necessarily good news.

We’d love to be happy and excited and to think good thoughts for Amber with all this, but it’s just so hard, for many reasons.

Like, just so many reasons.

One, she barely sees the one kid she already has. On the current season of Teen Mom OG, we’ve learned that she didn’t see Leah once during her summer vacation.

We also learned that she’s behind on her child support payments, even though she admitted she did have the money.

Two, she’s just coming out of a really, really bad relationship, and she should have probably taken some time to heal from the grossness that was Matt Baier.

Three, she’s only known this baby’s father, Andrew Glennon, for a few months.

Usually when you start dating someone new, you want to take that time in the beginning to get to know them and to see if you’re compatible with each other. Welcoming a life into the world makes that a little more complicated.

The whole thing is honestly just so messy and weird.

And as we can see in this clip from tonight’s new episode of Teen Mom OG, it’s been that way since the moment they found out she was pregnant.

The clip begins with Amber and Andrew in bed on their Hawaiian vacation, and she tells him that she’s been feeling tired.

“Is this how you felt when you were pregnant with Leah?” he asks as the camera zooms in on a box of pregnancy tests.

“Totally,” she confirms.

They read the instructions on the box, and then they hold hands for a minute and refuse to meet each other’s eyes until she gets up to go pee on that stick.

From the bathroom, we hear Amber go “Um … babe.”

He asks her what’s happening, and she lets out a bunch of cusses as she brings him the test, so he can see the results for himself.

Neither of them look excited at what we know now is a positive result.

So, OK, let’s look at the math real quick, all right?

Amber and Matt wrapped up filming on Marriage Boot Camp at the very end of June — that’s where she met Andrew.

He creeped on her after the show was over, and around August 11th, we saw the first photos of them cuddled up together.

On September 23rd, she posted the first photos of their trip to Hawaii.

Considering all that, it’s likely that she got pregnant pretty much as soon as she began dating Andrew — either that, or Matt’s going to have another addition to his big, sad family tree.

Watch the strange beginning to this tragic saga in the video below:

Source: celebweddings