If you watch Teen Mom online, then you’re probably aware of the latest drama Amber Portwood’s life.

And you probably weren’t particularly surprised by it.

Amber has dumped Matt Baier, a move that fans have been hoping for since pretty much the moment she and Baier first got together.

You hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but Portwood supporters couldn’t help but wonder what finally prompted Amber to kick Matt to the curb.

Was it the allegations that Baier cheated on Portwood (that seemed to be confirmed when he failed a lie detector test)?

Was it the revelation that Baier is a deadbat dad with several children he’s not supporting?

Was it the realization that Matt is using Amber for her cash and reality TV fame?

Was it just his general, all-around douchiness?

All of those are valid options, and for a while, it looked like we would never know for certain.

But now, Amber is speaking out on the matter and confirming rumors that it was one highly-publicized incident that drove her to call off her engagement.

Back in April, all the ladies of Teen Mom: OG were in New York for a series of press events.

Catelynn Lowell remarked that she was feeling anxious, and Baier offered her a Xanax.

This is a bigger issue than it would normally be, as Amber is several years sober, and she thought Matt was, too.

“It was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Amber explained to Us Weekly.

Then she offered up the confirmation that fans have been waiting to hear:

“We’re not together now.”

We knew that Amber had called off the wedding, and that she and Baier were no longer living together.

But until recently, she’s been evasive on the question of whether or not they’re completely broken up.

So it looks like you can finally celebrate, Teen Mom fans.

Amber has officially cut the cord with one of the most reviled boyfriends in series history.

And it’s encouraging that she did so in order to protect her own sobriety.

We’re looking forward to seeing where her future takes her.

As long as she remains broken up with Matt, that is.

Source: celebweddings