Last week, fans were shocked by a Marriage Boot Camp trailer in which Amy Duggar described being attacked by her husband, Dillon King.

Amy says Dillon lifted her up by her throat during an argument, and not surprisingly, fans are now encouraging her to kick him to the curb.

The preview doesn’t offer any context for the shocking act of violence, but if it happened, this is a case where context doesn’t matter.

Dillon didn’t say something he can’t take back.

Rather, he became physically violent with his partner, which is unforgivable in any situation that doesn’t involve self-defense.

But will Amy end this clearly troubled union?

In the days since the clip went public, fans have been taking to the Duggar family’s official Facebook page with pleas for Amy to get out.

“If your husband choked you that’s not love,” wrote one concerned follower, urging her to pull the plug on her marriage ASAP.

“No one has the right to assault others,” the fan wrote.

“If someone who claims to love you is hurting you, run.”

Others echoed the sentiment, and for good reason – not only was this very serious, it may not have been an isolated incident, either.

Many followers were quick to point out that this is not the only instance in which Amy and Dillon have shown signs of strain in their marriage:

In the Facebook video above, Amy and Dillon briefly argue (around the 10-minute mark) about how many kids they would like to have.

It’s a minor squabble that could hint at a deeper issue.

The fact that Amy and Dillon didn’t discuss such an important matter before they got engaged seems a bit curious, to say the least.

Especially when you consider that as Jim Bob Duggar’s niece, she comes from a family famous for its unorthodox views on child-rearing. 

They do, however, agree that they want to have kids … and seem to hint that they’ll soon be hosting their own home renovation show.

Rumors of an Amy and Dillon spinoff have been circulating for months, and now it seems a deal has been reached, but details are scarce.

Regardless of the nature of the project, the fact that these two are planning babies and business ventures together can be viewed as such:

A pretty sure sign that they aren’t separating any time soon.

Amy and Dillon just got married in September of last year, and divorce is virtually unheard of in the Duggars’ circle. Just ask Anna.

Bottom line: Expect the Kings to try and work the kinks out.

Here’s hoping they can peacefully sort out what seem to be some major issues, especially before there are young kids involved.

Source: celebweddings